VOD Spotlight on 11/04/08’s                             Jeff DeutchmanNovember 04, 2010

VOD Spotlight on 11/04/08’s                                           Jeff Deutchman


On Demand Weekly’s VOD Spotlight presents interviews with the creators of new movies available On Demand. In honor of today's date (11/04), Sky McCarthy interviewed Jeff Deutchman, the creative mind and curator of 11/4/08 (FilmBuff) – a movie that chronicles the day of Barack Obama’s election through the eyes of diverse amateur filmmakers. Deutchman is also an acquisitions manager at IFC films. The interview highlights the directorial vision behind the project as well as his opinion of VOD and its effect on film distribution. (11/4/08 is available on VOD).

On Demand Weekly (ODW): As a filmmaker who also works in an executive capacity, how do you feel about VOD and the future of television On Demand?
Jeff Deutchman (JD): I feel pretty bullish about it. It really depends on what kind of film you have. Independents and docs in particular can really benefit in an area where theatrical distribution is too expensive for a low budget film. In general, people want options so it’s important to be flexible in the changing marketplace.

There are two kinds of films that I think belong in theaters- big “event” Hollywood films and then there are really visual art films. Movie theaters serve an amusement park function where people will always be willing to spend a few extra dollars for the unique experience of an “event film.”  But I also think that there will always be a need to have arthouses that can perform the role of museums and exhibit films as high art. The blockbuster and the art house film operate on totally different ends of the spectrum but every film in between can definitely benefit from VOD.

ODW: What are the advantages of VOD from a filmmaker’s point of view and a consumer’s point of view?
JD: Well, firstly, it’s a lot less expensive and you are reaching more people for less money. A small handful of cinephiles in Idaho may be interested in your little film but that would never equate to enough ticket sales to justify a theatrical release. From a consumer point of view, it’s really all about lifestyle. Parents with young kids may want to go out but the reality is they may not have time for that. Does that mean you should be completely uncultured? No way! You should be able to get it on your screen, on your own time. I think some people even prefer the home screen. Younger people tend to watch media in a more interactive, less passive way.



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