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On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: RIO SEX COMEDY (FilmBuff).


By Scott Zaretsky


Press notes explain that veteran actors from several countries along with local non-actors semi-improvised their roles in Jonathan Nossiter's RIO SEX COMEDY, which moves from swank high rises and clinics to the dangerous slums of one of the world's most fascinating cities, Rio de Janeiro.

RIO SEX COMEDY has plenty of veteran actors and plenty of seeming improvisation and plenty of Rio - the best thing about the movie - but not much sex and very little comedy. Jonathan Nossiter who wrote and directed this, examines beauty, race, class and sexual attraction, among other themes. Filming it like a documentary mixed with scripted scenes from various POV’s, the film is way too ambitious and very poorly focused, but, somehow kept me in the game. It was filmed in Rio and it did have Sex in the title!

Hope Yet !!!


I waited and waited some more. It's very hard to pin down who the characters are supposed to be since they all act in such erratic manners that keep you questioning yourself – is there something I’m not getting? Maybe, it’s me??? Maybe …it’s the tropical sun's effect on improvisational storytelling and this is truly a new avant-garde reality filmmaking. Maybe this was the plot and device – absolutely GENIOUS!


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