BRIDESMAIDS: The Top VOD Movie Title Of All TimeFebruary 27, 2012

BRIDESMAIDS: The Top VOD Movie Title Of All Time


Universal Pictures' comedy film BRIDESMAIDS is now the most-ordered video on demand title of all time, with over 4.8 million rentals in just over four months of release, according to Rentrak's OnDemand Essentials.



BRIDESMAIDS has grossed over $24 million in VOD revenue since it debuted in September and $40 million domestically with all digital transactions accounted.


BRIDESMAIDS was one of Universal’s biggest hits of 2011 and the highest grossing R-rated female comedy of all time. The film grossed over $288 million at the worldwide box office during its theatrical run and continues to dominate the home video charts with over $100 million in Blu-ray and DVD sales in the U.S.

What movie on demand is #2? How much money have the rest of the Top 10 most rented movies on demand made? We don't know. It's not available. Now if only the Movie On Demand providers and Rentrak would publish all of the VOD results so we could compare accordingly and not read this in a vacuum.


Kudos to Universal for sharing this information.

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Kristin Wiig’s Latest - HATESHIP LOVESHIPApril 15, 2014

Kristin Wiig’s Latest - HATESHIP LOVESHIP

Kristin Wiig (IFC)

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today's review: HATESHIP LOVESHIP (IFC).


The sad clown is a trope that’s endured as long as drama itself. Hiding one’s own woes behind a mask of laughs is as familiar a move as any in storytelling. The logical outgrowth of the “laugh, clown, laugh” syndrome is the need comic actors feel to undertake “serious” roles.

Sometimes it works: Bill Murray has certainly shown improvement as a so-called “dramatic” actor since his stumble through THE RAZOR’S EDGE, even garnering an Oscar nomination. Jim Carrey acquitted himself brilliantly in THE TRUMAN SHOW. And the broad, burly John Candy was effective in JFK and Chris Columbus’s treacly ONLY THE LONELY.

Along comes Kristen Wiig. Fresh off her truly star-making tenure on SNL, Wiig established her feature film bona fides in fun flicks like MACGRUBER and ADVENTURELAND. Then she rocked the world as the co-writer and star of the megahit that was BRIDESMAIDS, which offered her the opportunity to take some chances, which is exactly what she does in HATESHIP LOVESHIP.

Based on a short story by Alice Munro, HATESHIP LOVESHIP is the story of mousier-than-mousy young woman, Johanna, who is a housekeeper/caregiver. When her elderly charge dies, Johanna finds work with the McCauley family, where stern grandpa (Nick Nolte, WARRIOR) is the guardian of sullen teen (Hailee Steinfeld, TRUE GRIT), with ne’er-do-well dad, Ken (Guy Pearce, IRON MAN 3) drifting in and out of their lives.


Kristin Wiig, Guy Pearce / HATESHIP LOVESHIP (IFC Films)

 Along with friend Edith, played by Sami Gayle, who made such a shattering impression in Tony Kaye’s DETACHMENT, Steinfeld’s spiteful Sabitha makes Johanna the object of a cruel prank that preys on the older woman’s naivete and loneliness. As a result of the teens’ bogus emails, Johanna pursues the shifty Ken to his latest sure-to-fail business venture, a roadside motel.

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5 New Movies On Demand to Watch: December 2014December 04, 2014

5 New Movies On Demand to Watch: December 2014

Kat Ashy (On Demand Weekly)

On Demand Weekly's Kat Ashy (@KatDoesLifegoes through all the new movies each month for her New Movies On Demand Preview.

5 New Movies On Demand to Watch - December 2014:

By Kat Ashy

Sleigh bells are ringing, chestnuts are roasting, and Rudolph’s being subpoenaed for a disastrous FUI incident. It’s officially the holiday season! And in between preparing those delicious latkes and forgetting your distant relatives names, make sure you schedule some quality On Demand time. Nothing softens the blow of forced merriment quite like a nice Movie On Demand, and I’ve got my top five December picks right here!

Kat’s Top Five Movies On Demand:

This foodie masterpiece starring Dame Helen Mirren is a surefire way to satisfy your December gluttony.
PG, Drama, Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal, Charlotte Le Bon

Holidays breed familial insanity so why not watch this dysfunctional bunch that includes Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, and Jane Fonda.
R, Comedy/Drama, Jason Bateman, Tina Fey, Jane Fonda, Adam Driver, Rose Byrne, Corey Stoll, Kathryn Hahn, Connie Britton, Timothy Olyphant, Dax Shepard

3. THE MAZE RUNNER, Premieres December 23 - TEEN PICK
Young Adult Dystopia fiction will not die! And in this case it’s a good thing since THE MAZE RUNNER is essentially a New Age Lord of the Flies.
PG-13, Action/Sci-Fi, Dylan O'Brien, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Kaya Scodelario, Will Poulter, Patricia Clarkson

2. THE SKELETON TWINS, Premieres December 16 INDIE PICK
Putting Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader together as estranged twin siblings is a genius move. Whoever casted this deserves a pie.
R, Drama, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Luke Wilson, Ty Burrell

We are Groot! The biggest blockbuster of the summer is finally On Demand and if you didn’t catch it in theatres you must watch it now. In the Marvel universe, Chris Pratt stars as the charismatic Star-Lord who helms a team of vigilante criminals that include a ruthless assassin, an overly literal behemoth, a crazed raccoon, and a talking tree. With its 70’s soundtrack and “don’t give a shit” attitude GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY reigns supreme as the most entertaining film of the year.
PG-13, Action/Adventure, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper (voice), Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel (voice), Lee Pace, Michael Rooker, John C. Reilly, Glenn Close, Benicio Del Toro

That’s December team! Be sure to read what other great movies premiere On Demand this month below.
Happy watching!
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