The Pink Ribbon CampaignSeptember 22, 2009

The Pink Ribbon Campaign and Comcast have partnered together for the 3rd Annual Pink Ribbon Campaign, an original video-on-demand and online initiative. From September 21 - November 2, Comcast VOD subscribers will have free access to inspirational programs for women who are fighting or have survived breast cancer from the participating networks:

  • Bio Channel
  • Discovery Health
  • Exercise TV
  • HBO
  • Lifetime Television
  • Parents TV
  • Showtime

Highlights include…
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Sienna Miller Is JUST LIKE A WOMANJuly 27, 2013

Sienna Miller Is JUST LIKE A WOMAN


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: JUST LIKE A WOMAN. 

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By T. Tara Turk

With the vast array of channels we have nowadays (my UVerse channels go up to the 900s - I remember when there was only HBO or On TV - the one where you flicked the switch to cable), it’s impossible to believe we haven’t covered every demographic but after seeing the indie film JUST LIKE A WOMAN starring Sienna Miller, I think I discovered a new one. Lifetime Indies.

See, the film itself, which is the story of a young woman working a minimum wage job in Chicago with a passion for belly dancing and a completely unlikeable out of work husband who goes on the road with a Middle Eastern woman running from a tragic episode at home, is by all accounts, an indie film. Sienna is the biggest name, it’s relatively low budget, it’s meant to be gritty and it all culminates into an open ending. But then it’s very Lifetime too. Two women sharing a bond on the road, belly dancing in dive bars to make ends meet, camping out along the way, running into your stereotypical caucasian racists, lots of fighting off of rude aggressive men, tears, etc.

No real new ground is broken in JUST LIKE A WOMAN except we know that people still are racist and women still have hard life in certain parts of this country - no matter where they are from. While it’s fun to watch Sienna Miller use as much of acting chops as she can (it’s too bad some of her personal life actually overshadows her talent sometimes as she was awesome in FACTORY GIRL as the iconic Edie Sedwick) along with the Louise to her Thelma, Golshifteh Farahani, do the same, at times the film doesn’t go far enough into these women and their difficulties. With no surprises, the film is safe in its storytelling, almost predictable in some areas and leaving certain storylines a little too open.
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