2011 Film Independent SPIRIT AWARD Nominations You Can Watch At Home On DemandDecember 01, 2010

2011 Film Independent SPIRIT AWARD Nominations You Can Watch At Home On Demand

Film Independent

Film Independent, the non-profit arts organization that produces the Spirit Awards and the Los Angeles Film Festival, announced nominations for the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards. Three of the five nominees for Best Feature (Greenberg, The Kids Are All Right and Winter’s Bone), as well as many of the most nominated films, are already available to watch On Demand.


2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards
(Eva Mendes, Jeremy Renner)


Selected from 220 submissions, this year’s winners will be announced at the Film Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, February 26, 2011 at 2:00 p.m. on the beach in Santa Monica. The 26th annual awards show will be hosted by Joel McHale ("The Soup," "Community") and air exclusively that night on IFC at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.


2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards


On Demand Weekly has noted which films are available now On Demand so you can catch up at home on the independent films everyone is talking about this week. Enjoy!

Winter’s Bone
- Roadside Attraction (7) AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND
The Kids Are All Right - Focus Features (5) AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND
Black Swan - Fox Searchlight (4)
- Focus Features (4) AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND
Rabbit Hole - Lionsgate (4)
127 Hours
- Fox Searchlight (3)
Jack Goes Boating
- Overture Films (3)
Tiny Furniture
Daddy Longlegs - IFC Films (2) AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND
Life During Wartime
Exit Through the Gift Shop - Producers Distribution Agency / FilmBuff (1) AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND
Lovers of Hate - IFC Films (1) AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND
Night Catches Us - Magnolia Pictures (1) AVAILABLE NOW ON DEMAND



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Halle Berry’s Shark Movie DARK TIDE Is On Demand Before TheatersMarch 23, 2012

Halle Berry’s Shark Movie DARK TIDE Is On Demand Before Theaters


Media savant T Tara Turk goes deep inside cable TV to reveal Video On Demand's Hidden Gems so even the busiest of our readers can get the most out of On Demand TV. Tell Tara what VOD shows you think deserves her attention.


In Shark Alley, Courage Runs Deep

By T. Tara Turk


I hate being conflicted over actors I love and the projects they pick. I think Halle Berry needs an intervention.

Not for her personal life, for her career. As much as I think I love drama - I like fake TV drama and not real life drama. I am not going to call it the curse of the Oscar® because I think it’s larger than that. She really might not know a good story yet she clearly pays people to figure out that out for her and yet...I for one didn’t love MONSTER’S BALL so, while I was happy and proud Halle won an Oscar, crushing an obstacle for black women that hadn’t been crushed since Hattie McDaniel’s GONE WITH THE WIND Oscar® win, I was sure that movie went along with Halle’s other project picks - in the trash.


Berry’s newest film from Lionsgate, DARK TIDE, is really no exception. BEAUTIFULLY shot (it really does look like National Geographic was behind the camera), the story doesn’t start until an hour into the film. The first part is a very long set up. Berry plays a shark diver in South Africa who experiences a tragedy early on along with her small crew consisting of a friend/crewman, her husband played by Olivier Martinez who also is her cameraman and a beloved friend/shark back-watcher (Berry and Martinez are now reported to be engaged).


This tragedy regulates Berry into being estranged from her husband for no specific reason and no longer shark diving but doing day trips out on the lovely coast of South Africa. One day, the estranged hubs comes back with a rich idiot who’s desire to get close to sharks spells trouble for everyone on the trip, including his poor son along for the ride.


The first hour aka “the long setup” is filled with awkward dialogue, a choppy plot and not as much sea footage as you’d like. There’s a random non-sequitur scene where some local kids set to find treasures in the sea in the pitch black dark knight have a crazy run-in with some sharks that will leave you kind of scratching your head. There’s some fights and some make-ups that happen between Berry and Martinez that make zero sense as we never really can tell for sure what the root of their separation is as it doesn’t seem to be the early on tragedy since everyone else involved is still around regularly except for Martinez.

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Lionsgate Sneak Peeks Oscar® Nominated ALBERT NOBBS On DemandApril 19, 2012

Lionsgate Sneak Peeks Oscar® Nominated ALBERT NOBBS On Demand


Lionsgate Digital Distribution announced the Pre DVD sneak of three-time Academy Awards® nominated ALBERT NOBBS on demand. The film stars Oscar® nominees Glenn Close and Janet McTeer. The sneak peek is available now, a month ahead of the film’s debut on Blu-ray Disc, DVD and Digital Download on May 15th.

On Demand Weekly discussed this VOD strategy for ALBERT NOBBS and past Lionsgate films (including RED STATE, EVERYTHING MUST GO and MARGIN CALL) with Thomas Hughes, SVP, Worldwide Digital Worldwide Television & Digital Distribution.

On Demand Weekly (ODW): Why did Lionsgate sneak peek ALBERT NOBBS on demand?

Thomas Hughes (TH): ALBERT NOBBS is a great movie that in limited release theatrically (in just 75 markets) got notoriety from award nominations. This got the attention of our cable / satellite partners. Because of the early window, our partners are willing to promote it in unique ways and give it premium placement.


Thomas Hughes, SVP, Worldwide Digital Worldwide Television & Digital Distribution

ODW: Has Lionsgate sneaked movies on demand before?
We did with ABDUCTION with Taylor Lautner early on December 22, 2011, before the holidays, in a limited release window until January 4, 2012. The DVD did not come out until January 17, 2012.


ABDUCTION (courtesy of Lionsgate)

It was a huge success. We saw an incremental lift over a similar genre movie.

Movies Lionsgate has sneaked before a particular window

RED STATE: Kevin Smith (Pre Theatrical)                                 
MARGIN CALL: Kevin Spacey, Zacahary Quinto (Day & Date)  
EVERYTHING MUST GO: Will Ferrell (Pre DVD)                     
TRESPASS: Nicholas Cage, Nicole Kidman (Day & Date)       
ABDUCTION: Taylor Lautner (Pre DVD)                                      
ALBERT NOBBS: Glenn Close (Pre DVD)                                  


MARGIN CALL (courtesy of Lionsgate)

ODW: How does Lionsgate decide what movies will do well on demand?
It's a little bit of the Wild Wild West. We are willing to experiment. Lionsgate's entrepreneurial spirit allows us to experiment where others may not be able to.

ODW: Does Lionsgate make extras and behind the scenes available on demand as they do on DVD?
In some cases we do. It's not always ready when we go out early and if the platform can take. Not every platform can. The digital partners seem to be well positioned. Everybody is familiar with iTunes extras.

I think you are going to see a movement

where everybody will want to be positioned to offer extras.

ODW: When is the release strategy of a movie determined, before or after production?

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5 Things You Should Know About HAYWIREMay 15, 2012

5 Things You Should Know About HAYWIRE


HAYWIRE is now on demand.


MMA superstar Gina Carano Is Mallory Kane, a highly trained government operative who works in the dirtiest, most dangerous corners of the world. After successfully freeing a Chinese journalist who was being held hostage, she is double crossed and left for dead by someone close to her in her own agency. Instantly the target of skilled assassins who know her every move, Mallory must find the truth in order to stay alive. Using her black-ops military training, she devises an ingenious – and dangerous – trap. But when things go haywire, Mallory realizes she'll be killed in the blink of an eye unless she finds a way to turn the tables on her ruthless adversary.

Backed by an all-star cast of Golden Globe® nominees Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, Bill Paxton and Michael Fassbender, Oscar® and Golden Globe® winner Michael Douglas and Channing Tatum.



Here are ODW's 5 Things You Should Know About HAYWIRE


1) Gina Carano began her career as an MMA fighter and was handpicked by director Steven Soderbergh to make this film after he saw one of her MMA fights on television.

2) Gina Carano trained for about two months prior to filming with Aaron Cohen, the film’s Special Ops Technical Advisor. Aaron is a counterterrorism consultant and former Israeli Special Forces operative.

3) Haywire’s fight choreographer J.J. Perry was also the fight choreographer on WARRIOR. Gina gave input and added in some of her MMA movies into the fight sequences.

4) The first fight that was shot for the film is the one between Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender. Michael was also Gina’s first on-screen kiss.

5) The film was shot on location in Dublin, Barcelona, and New Mexico.



Look for HAYWIRE on your cable provider's Movie On Demand section.



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