NICE GIRLS CREW - New Comcast Web Series On DemandOctober 09, 2012

NICE GIRLS CREW - New Comcast Web Series On Demand

Nice Girls Crew

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That boy with the glasses and his bird did some really good things.

By Kate Asche Wilson

I love books. I love the feel of books. I love the smell. I love holding a book in my hand and feeling the heavy importance of symbolic prose. I once hit a guy with Anna Karenina. Tolstoy prepared me for life, and I thank him. The day my local Borders was shut down and replaced with a Chipotle was the day my soul died. Needless to say I am thrilled that I discovered a series that combines my two most favorite things: meaningful literature and crass comedy.

Created by Christine Kwon and directed by Tanuj Chopra, NICE GIRLS CREW centers around Sophie (Lynn Chen), Leena (Sheetal Sheth), Geraldine (Michelle Krusiec), and the most amazing book club in the history of existence. Why is it so amazing? Because they never actually talk about the book. No, instead they take shots, pop pills, and create a castle of cookies. It’s glorious.
Michelle Krusiec, Lynn Chen, Sheetal Sheth (NICE GIRLS CREW
At ten minutes each NICE GIRLS CREW is broken up into
five episodes of pure awesome.
Since they’ve known each other since second grade these girls are the perfect frenamies, and would definitely kill each other if they weren’t best friends. Watching them interact is a constant train wreck and the best thing about this series. 

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