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Samuel Goldwyn

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The case of damn-good documentary filmmaking… and being in the right place at the right time…
By Cynthia Kane


I must disclose right away: this is not a review. I was not involved in this project, but because I also work for ITVS (Independent Television Service), who is one of the funders of THE ISLAND PRESIDENT, to write a review would seem biased and a conflict of interest. But I can share why I think one might want to see this film and some interesting anecdotes around it.

Director Jon Shenk (LOST BOYS OF SUDAN) and producer Bonni Cohen (THE RAPE OF EUROPA, WONDERS ARE MANY) are young, not-so-emerging, and I consider them their generation’s Steve James, Barbara Kopple, Errol Morris among others, meaning they’re two of the finest 30/40-something documentarians in the U.S. The Bay Area couple are both grads of Stanford University’s documentary program and now make films through their company Actual Films and as well as teach at UC Berkeley’s J-School. Jon is also one of the most sought-after cinematographers in the documentary world.

In short, the fact they made THE ISLAND PRESIDENT is one of the big reasons you should see this.These two have talent, lots of it.


But that’s not all. THE ISLAND PRESIDENT gives us extraordinary access to a man, Mohamed Nasheed who first fought to bring democracy to his country, the Republic of Maldives, then once that battle is seemingly won, finds he has an even bigger conflict on hand. Climatologists predict the Maldives will be underwater by end of this century, thus will no longer exist. It’s is an island nation made up of about 1200 atolls with a population of around 350,000 people, the smallest country in Asia as well as the lowest lying country on Earth, with an average ground level of about 4 feet above sea level.

The Maldives won their independence from the UK in 1965, but political infighting caused much unrest and the country found themselves under the dictatorship of Mautoom Abdul Gayoom for 30 years before our story begins. Our protagonist, Nasheed, affectionately known by his countrymen as Anni, was educated in Britain but returned to the Maldives to become a dissenter and journalist. An article in the opposition newspaper, Sangu, resulted in his arrest and detention leading to his being held in solitary confinement for 18 months. Over the next years he was arrested and detained again, tortured and finally exiled all for his criticism of the dictatorship. He formed the Maldivian Democratic Party and vigorously campaigned for change. Nasheed finally managed to topple Gayoom from his 30-year rule, he found the need to turn to the urgent environmental issues that threaten his homeland.


Mohamed Nasheed / THE ISLAND PRESIDENT (Samuel Goldwyn Films)

Shenk follows the newly elected Nasheed, a slight yet energetically articulate man, from the UN Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen in December 2009 to detail his subject's election and brief reign prior to the summit. He quickly found that the country that he now governed was threatened by much than Gayoom's administration; rising temperatures and an increase in erratic weather mean that the Maldives are being swallowed by the ocean that surrounds them.

From the moment he was elected, Nasheed dedicated himself to raising awareness of this and to trying to force some sort of forward movement in the battle against global warming at the Copenhagen summit. There are intimate inclusions of both joy and despair, along with hushed conversations between high-ranking officials from various countries as President Nasheed desperately attempts to motivate change with the facts proving the very serious and real danger facing his country. 

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