Aaron Eckhart Is BILLSeptember 07, 2011

Aaron Eckhart Is BILL


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: MEET BILL (Gravitas).

By Joe Charnitski


Many movies have centered on an upper middle class, lower middle aged man arriving at the point in his life when he realizes his marriage, his job, his habits and his lack of self-confidence all add up to a pointless, sad routine. He wonders, “What happened to me?”. You know the guy. He has more memories than dreams. He longs for the days when his wife was the wild child he met many years ago. He’s shocked when he sees himself on videotape and his overgrown gut dominates the frame. He’s also the title character in the comedy MEET BILL.


Aaron Eckhart (THE DARK KNIGHT, THANK YOU FOR SMOKING) plays Bill, the insecure, candy obsessed EVP of Human Resources at the bank his father-in-law owns. That’s the only way he secured the job, of course. His wife Jess (Elizabeth Banks) has no respect for him, his brother-in-law (who also works at the bank) openly mocks and degrades him and his father-in-law can barely stand the disappointing sight of him. Things only get worse for Bill when he secretly tapes Jess having a tryst with local newsman Chip Johnson (Timothy Olyphant), and making jokes about her husband’s “little acorn.” Ouch. Encouraged by the prep school teenager (who remains unnamed throughout) he has agreed to mentor, our hero attempts to transform his look, his luck and his life.


Like many moviegoers, my first exposure to Aaron Eckhart

was in the role of Chad in Neil LaBute’s dark comedy


Bill is exactly the kind of man Chad would hate

(and then cruelly manipulate and take advantage of).


In the role of Chad, Eckhart was mean and brutal, but not without charm and the ability to make you laugh against your will. In the role of Bill, Eckhart seems uncomfortable and unsure. He tries too hard to play the schlub, just contorting his face and slouching a lot. He’s supposed to be a unique, lovable loser we all rally behind. Instead, he’s just sad, and he doesn’t make us laugh very much at all.

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