Jennifer Garner & Modern Family’s Ty Burrell in BUTTER - Now On DemandSeptember 10, 2012

Jennifer Garner & Modern Family’s Ty Burrell in BUTTER - Now On Demand

Radius TWC

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: BUTTER (Radius).


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By Amy Slotnick


Appearing on Hollywood’s highly touted Black List was a promising start for the screenplay of BUTTER and brought a lot of attention to its writer, Jason Micallef, as a new comedic voice. Similarities were made to Alexander Payne and Christopher Guest for satirizing small town, American culture, creating anticipation that BUTTER would be a sharp-edged, dark comedy in the vein of ELECTION, CITIZEN RUTH and WAITING FOR GUFFMAN. The film’s A-list cast of Jennifer Garner, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, along with comic stars Ty Burrell, Rob Corddry, Phyllis Smith and Kristen Schaal, further raised expectations for hilarity. However, in its journey to the screen, BUTTER has gone soft.


In BUTTER, Bob Pickler (MODERN FAMILY’s Ty Burrell) is the reigning champion of Iowa’s Butter sculpting contest and his Stepford Wife, Laura (Jennifer Garner), imagines his reign will be their entry to political power and social status. When after his fifteen-year winning streak, Bob is asked to step aside from the upcoming competition, Laura steps in to make sure a Pickler remains in the spotlight. But Laura’s aims are thwarted by the unexpected appearance of Destiny, an African American foster child new to town, who possesses an innate ability to melt people’s hearts and carve butter like you cannot believe.


Laura is determined to outshine Destiny’s butter carving skills and natural, humble appeal. Laura’s focus is interrupted when she catches her husband cheating with a local stripper, Brooke (Olivia Wilde). Laura retaliates by sleeping with her high school sweetheart Boyd (Hugh Jackman), and then enlists Boyd to discredit Destiny’s integrity.


At the same time, Brooke sets out to get back at the Picklers, by seducing their teenage daughter (Ashley Greene), stealing their money and then using it to buy Destiny a $1200 knife set to ensure her victory against Laura. Although Brooke provides some nice eye candy and sexiness to the film, her subplot feels out of place and it is never entirely clear why she is so determined to see Laura undone.

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5 Things You Need To Know About GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2October 06, 2012

5 Things You Need To Know About GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2

Tribeca Film

GRAVE ENCOUNTERS was a found-footage horror phenomenon that many people believed was just a movie. Film student Alex Wright is out to prove them wrong in GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2. Alex is as obsessed with the first film, as the 20 million people who viewed its viral trailer on YouTube. While he and his friends research the events and visit the real psychiatric hospital depicted in the original film, they find themselves face-to-face with unspeakable evil, banking on the hope that their knowledge of the original film will help them survive the sequel. - TF


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Here are ODW's 5 Things You Should Know About GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2


1. The GRAVE ENCOUNTERS trailer was a viral sensation with over 20-million views on YouTube.
2. The filmmakers cast themselves in the sequel as interns.
3. Real online video bloggers (also known as vloggers) appear in the film
4. Grave Encounters was the first film The Vicious Brothers ever made
5. The Vicious Brothers aren't really brothers!


GRAVE ENCOUNTERS 2 is on demand.


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DOWNTON ABBEY Fans, Check Out THE EYE OF THE STORM On DemandOctober 06, 2012


Gravitas Ventures

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: EYE OF THE STORM (Gravitas).


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By Sky McCarthy


With the recent popularity of hit shows like DOWNTON ABBEY of Masterpiece Theater, classic, understated dramas have gained an international following of all ages. While this genre might not be for everyone, any moviegoer in the mood for a bit of fine acting will discover universal themes in Fred Schepisi’s THE EYE OF THE STORM.


Charlotte Rampling plays Elizabeth, a dying matriarch, who still wields a toxic power over her family. Her children are impeccably played by Geoffrey Rush and Judy Davis. Set against a distinguished Australian countryside, this film highlights the complex relationships between parents and their offspring after years of emotional turmoil.


When we are first introduced to Elizabeth, it is clear that this is no ordinary dying woman. Rampling still exudes a sophisticated allure, even in her mid 60’s. Though she is bedridden, Elizabeth somehow enables a very controlling presence over every other character in her life. In the beginning, the widowed mother icily insists upon her makeup being done to perfection – simply to see her own children.

Rush and Davis, though each is well into middle age, are financially and emotionally attached to their mother, making her impending death both a blessing and a curse. As the story unfolds, the complex family dynamics are revealed and it becomes apparent that the idea of love is wielded more as a weapon than something to be deserved in Elizabeth’s world. 


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Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Linney Are All In THE DETAILS (VOD)October 08, 2012

Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks, Laura Linney Are All In THE DETAILS (VOD)

Radius TWC

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: THE DETAILS (Radius).


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By Amy Slotnick


Dr Jeff Lang (Tobey Maguire) has a beautiful wife, home, child and career, and it is all unraveling before his eyes. In voiceover narration in THE DETAILS, directed by Jacob Aaron Estes (MEAN CREEK), Jeff tells us that his downfall began with a decision to renovate his home and expand it for another child. Over fairytale-like music and birds tweeting, we are shown the other details of his disaster – a houseplant, rat poison, some sleeping pills, a kidney – and raccoons.


Raccoons are destroying Jeff’s freshly laid backyard lawn, and metaphorically they are destroying his marriage. Once the raccoons begin their nocturnal destruction, Jeff begins his own mischief. First an affair with his old friend (played by Kerry Washington) creates the need to cover his tracks. His “wackadoodle” neighbor Lila (Laura Linney) overhears Jeff being confronted about the affair by the friend’s husband (Ray Liotta). That along with inadvertently killing Lila’s cat with poison meant for the raccoons, means Lila has two charges against Jeff, both of which he would like to keep silent.


With this knowledge, and Jeff’s weakened character, she is able to seduce him. Now he has cheated on his wife twice. To make it worse, Lila really is crazy and when she reveals she is pregnant with his child, she has even more strings to pull.

All of Jeff’s lies and betrayals lead to guilt. In an attempt to make up for his sins he not only finds his friend Lincoln (Dennis Haysbert) a new job, but Jeff also gives Lincoln his kidney, ending his daily dialysis and prolonging Lincoln’s life. To everyone Jeff appears the most generous a person could be. Lincoln feels such deep gratitude that when Jeff confesses the mess he is in with Lila, Lincoln decides to take care of the situation. Mirroring a dream Jeff had in which Lila is killed with a bow and arrow, Lincoln commits murder, via bow and arrow, thinking it is on Jeff’s behalf.


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Danny DeVito, Rufus Sewell And Carla Gugino Check Into HOTEL NOIR - On DemandOctober 08, 2012

Danny DeVito, Rufus Sewell And Carla Gugino Check Into HOTEL NOIR - On Demand

Hotel Noir

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: HOTEL NOIR, available on only on cable movies on demand.


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By Chris Claro

Audacity can be a strong tool for a director. Since risk and daring are not nearly as commonplace in today’s profit-driven Hollywood as they were in the early days of Kubrick and Coppola, it’s refreshing when a filmmaker takes a flier on something that at least looks a little offbeat. Sebastian Guiterrez’s HOTEL NOIR is a crisply shot monochrome thriller that recalls such classics as DOUBLE INDEMNITY and NAKED CITY. But is it in a league with those films?

Working from a script he wrote himself, Guiterrez conjures up a stylish story that frequently doubles back on itself, spinning a yarn of intrigue and deceit set in a Los Angeles hotel in 1958. Guiterrez employs all the tropes of the genre, including shady ladies, tough-talking dames, and cops who appear to have stepped out of a dime novel.
Carla Cugino / HOTEL NOIR

But for all the flash and visual panache Guiterrez and cinematographer Cale Finot impose on HOTEL NOIR, the film feels oddly hollow and empty. The lush and textured black and white photography is gorgeous, but spotlights strong actors adrift in a strangely meandering story within a story. Part of the problem is the shifting focus, as the story sprouts from the manual typewriter of novelist Danny DeVito (IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA) and hands it off to his main character, hard-boiled detective Felix (Rufus Sewell, ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER).
Danny DeVito / HOTEL NOIR

As Felix and partner Jim (Robert Forster, THE DESCENDANTS) stakeout a possible cheating spouse, Felix finds himself mixed up with a torch singer (Carla Gugino, I MELT WITH YOU), her nogoodnik man (Kevin Connolly, ENTOURAGE), and a chambermaid with a superhero fetish (Rosario Dawson, UNSTOPPABLE). It all makes for a pretty, if less than involving, sort-of-parody. 

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5 Things You Need To Know About SOUND OF MY VOICEOctober 17, 2012

5 Things You Need To Know About SOUND OF MY VOICE

Fox Searchlight

SOUND OF MY VOICE follows couple Peter (Christopher Denham) and Lorna (Nicole Vicius) as they take their passion for documentary filmmaking to the next level by personally infiltrating a mysterious cult. The cult’s wildly charismatic leader Maggie (Brit Marling) has convinced her followers that she is a visitor from the future and that they have been chosen to survive, but only if they chose to follow her.


Bent on exposing Maggie, Peter and Lorna will do anything to prove that she is a fraud. However Maggie is as manipulative as she is beautiful, and they are drawn to her despite themselves. SOUND OF MY VOICE is a thought-provoking thriller that pulls the audience into Peter and Lorna’s journey of discovering what exactly is real and what is insanity. 


5 Things You Need To Know About SOUND OF MY VOICE

1. SOUND OF MY VOICE premiered in 2011 at the Sundance Film Festival.


Christopher Denham Nicole Vicius / SOUND OF MY VOICE (Fox Searchlight)

2. Subsequently the film won the Golden Octopus award for the best international fantastic film at the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival in September 2012.

3. Brit Marling, who plays Maggie, was involved with ANOTHER EARTH, which also premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011. She co-wrote and stars in both films, and while making them split her time by working on one in the mornings and the other in the afternoons.

4. The films director Zal Batmanglij was born in France and grew up in Washington D.C. He attended Georgetown University, where he was studying anthropology, when he met Brit Marling. While at Georgetown the two made three shorts together which all won the school’s highest prize for filmmaking.


Christopher Denham and Brit Marling SOUND OF MY VOICE (Fox Searchlight)

5. Brit Marling stated that she and Zal Batmanglij discovered, while they were at Georgetown, that they shared a similar interest in films that were lyrical, beautiful, substantive, complicated, and dark. However, they also shared a common interest in big blockbuster films, and used SOUND OF MY VOICE as an exploration of merging these two things together. 




- Kate Asche Wilson


Kate Asche Wilson is a new contributing writer to On Demand Weekly. She is a graduate from the Dodge College of Film and Media Arts at Chapman University where she received a BA in Screenwriting. In her spare time Kate likes to take long walks on the beach, and watch telenovelas. Follow her on Twitter @KATEDOESLIFE


Look for SOUND OF MY VOICE (Fox Searchlight) in your movies on demand section.


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VOD Spotlight: Mike BirbigliaOctober 18, 2012

VOD Spotlight: Mike Birbiglia

Mike Birbiglia

Britt Bensen (@BrittODW) spoke to comedian, writer, actor Mike Birbiglia of SLEEPWALK WITH ME now on demand.

On Demand Weekly (ODW): How did you and Ira Glass come together to make SLEEPWALK WITH ME?
Mike Birbiglia (MB):
Ira basically played the original sleepwalking story on This American Life and then we started working on a bunch of different stories for his show—we did about 6 or 7. And so I was also working on this film and it just seemed like a logical thing to involve him in because he was such a big part of bringing the story into the mainstream and This American Life had been trying to produce films for a few years before that so it seemed like a logical fit.
Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia / SLEEPWALK WITH ME (IFC Films)

ODW: You’ve been creative in enlisting fans to expand the film’s theatrircal run. Where did Friday’s (10/12/12) VOD Pizza Party idea come from?
We had done these live Q&As around the country and those were really successful—we broke the record at the IFC Film Center in New York City and Ira broke the record at the Music Box in Chicago—so I think the reason this is happening is that primarily the people who see the film know our other work and they have questions!




So the VOD pizza parties was just an extension of that. We thought...


“So the movie is on demand,

how do we make that personal and fun and specific for people?”

And there’s a lot of pizza in the movie.


There’s a pizza pillow and my character eats pizza in bed. So we just thought we’d video into people’s parties and it ended up being really fun. And strange. And unique.

ODW: Two part question: favorite pizza toppings and favorite pizza restaurant?
Favorite pizza topping: plain or pepperoni. I like to go really simple. The moment that a pizza has more than 2 or 3 toppings, I just don’t think that it’s pizza anymore. I think that it’s dominated by the topping. You might as well say, “This is a mushroom surrounded by pizza flavors.” And my favorite restaurant is Arturo’s. I used to live right by there on Houston Street. It’s coal oven, great ambiance, great live music, nice people. It’s just a classic New York institution. And it’s right in between the Angelika and IFC center so it’s a great place to go pre or post indie movie.


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ODW: You and Ira will video chat with SWM pizza party hosts? Will others be able to view your interactions or will each chat be private?
We actually did them on this past Friday night. They were just private and we took photos and I think we did video a little bit of them with our phones. But in general it was just supposed to be very grassroots and just us video chatting into these people’s parties.

ODW: Are you worried you might be creating your own Chat Roulette situation?
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FALLING OVERNIGHT - On Demand Now, TRY ITOctober 24, 2012



On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: FALLING OVERNIGHT.


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By Melissa Chesman


A pure, independent love story that, in the steady hands of director Conrad Jackson, never breaks its sure-footed focus.

When introduced to Elliot Carson, the lanky, somewhat awkward, 22 year old web developer, played by Parker Croft (who is also one of the film’s co-writers), the audience understands that whatever happens to him in the next 24 hours may be his last experiences in life. In the morning he will undergo a complicated brain surgery, his second in the past few years.

Plagued with nausea, sleeplessness, headaches and of course concern over his own mortality, Elliot is not working, having sold his last online business effort for a sum comfortable enough to pay for his medical needs. Elliot decided this time off from work must also be spent away from his family, due to their tendency to add to Elliot’s anxiety, rather than provide much needed emotional support.


In a chance encounter with Chloe Webb, an ice cream store clerk/aspiring photographer (Emilia Zoryan’s debut film performance), Elliot impulsively chooses to attend her small photography show that evening rather than sitting alone at home waiting for morning to come.

Upon seeing each other again, the immediate, curious spark from Elliot and Chloe’s first encounter blossoms, turning into an all-night first date that neither anticipated, nor wants to end. Starting at Chloe’s housemate’s birthday bash, then to a midnight bike excursion, an impromptu, underground solo concert, and beyond… both weather all the insecurity surrounding un-voiced getting-to-know-you questions, clumsy invitations to continuing the evening’s adventure together, intrusions by well-meaning friends and embarrassing minor accidents, until they are more relaxed with each other and much more certain of the feelings filling their shared existence. But inevitably, Elliot must betray why he can’t accept the near future, next date enticements Chloe keeps offering.

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5 Things You Need To Know About FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by Matthew LillardOctober 25, 2012

5 Things You Need To Know About FAT KID RULES THE WORLD by Matthew Lillard

ARC Entertainment

Troy Billings is seventeen, overweight, and suicidal. Just as he's about to jump in front of a bus, he's saved by Marcus, a charming high school dropout/street musician. The two begin an uneasy friendship when Marcus enlists the musically challenged Troy to become the drummer in a new punk rock band. As Troy’s relationship with Marcus grows, Troy's father becomes increasingly concerned about his son's new friendship. 

Director: Matthew Lillard (directorial debut)
Cast: Jacob Wysocki (TERRI), Matt O'Leary (NATURAL SELECTION) and Billy Campbell (THE KILLING)
Based on the Novel by: KL Going 





Matthew Lillard

1) Our film is based on an award winning book by KL Going. Without her genius, our movie would be crap and by all accounts our movie isn’t crap.
2) Mike McCready, the lead guitar player for Pearl Jam, composed our score. Crazy right? Why would a guitar legend work on a tiny film? Umm... cause its radical?!?
3) Chuck Taylors are iconic in the world of Punk Rock and we knew they had to be a part of our film. We went to CONVERSE to ask them if they would support our film with free shoes. They not only gave us free shoes, they offered to print up a special FAT KID shoe for the entire cast and crew FOR FREE!!! CONVERSE FOR PRESIDENT!
4) Our movie is part of cinematic history! True story. Spoiler Alert! In the film our hero finds himself in dire straights and he is so freaked out he gets sick. There’s nothing new about a puke scene in a movie. People have been throwing up in films forever! What makes our puke historic is the way we shot it. Most of the time you shoot a scene like that from the side or from behind so you can easily hide the tubing you need to deliver the vomit. We didn’t do that! We took a mold of Jacob Wysocki’s face, created fake cheeks with latex. Then we ran a micro tube between his real cheeks and his prosthetic fake cheek and we shot it from the front! Historic puke!!!
5) We raised $158,000 on Kickstarter in 33 days to self distribute the film. We had a chance to give it to studios who really didn’t believe in the film and we refused. “We didn’t sell out. We bought in.” (Anyone know what that’s from?)
BONUS: The movie was shot in Seattle and in my opinion it’s the next great hot bed for independent film. The crews are amazingly talented with a tremendous spirt of collaboration. Plus the support from the city was unparalleled, a filmmaker's paradise.




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PAUL WILLIAMS STILL ALIVE - Demand ItOctober 25, 2012


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: PAUL WILLIAMS STILL ALIVE.


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By Chris Claro

For people of a certain age, Paul Williams is the quintessential representation of the 1970s. Renowned songwriter, raconteur and guest star, Williams was probably the only Oscar winner – for “Evergreen” from A STAR IS BORN – to guest star on both POLICE WOMAN and THE LOVE BOAT (for which, naturally, he also composed the immortal theme).

Wealthy, successful, and a spokesman for a generation of melancholics, Wililams seemingly had it all, but in true BEHIND THE MUSIC fashion, his acclaim and fortune came at a price. Addicted to cocaine and alcohol, Williams’s life and celebrity slowly disintegrated, leading filmmaker Stephen Kessler to wonder exactly when it was that the songwriter died.

As Kessler found out, though, Paul Williams is very much alive, and the filmmaker made it his mission to track down the off-the-radar composer and get him to share his story. PAUL WILLIAMS STILL ALIVE is Kessler’s account of his pursuit of Williams and the growth of their relationship from filmmaker and reluctant subject to a pair of friends and colleagues.
It’s one of the most affecting
and entertaining documentaries of 2012.

Williams is initially hesitant to share his story because, as he puts it, “there’s nothing sadder than someone saying ‘please sir, can I have another cup of fame,’” but he’s oddly charmed by Kessler’s persistence and allows the filmmaker limited access. Kessler, for his part, treads lightly with his subject at first, making his presence known, but giving Williams a wide swath.

Slowly, the wary Williams warms up to his enthusiastic Boswell, granting Kessler an entrée into a world that the Paul Wiliams of thirty years ago probably wouldn’t have predicted for himself: carrying his own suitcase to outposts in Las Vegas and Canada and singing his catalog of hits in rooms scarcely larger than hotel suites, Williams is what every star fears becoming, a has-been.

Or is he? 
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Exclusive Clip: FULLY LOADEDNovember 12, 2012

Exclusive Clip: FULLY LOADED


Executive produced by Adam McKay (Funny or Die) and Jeremy Piven (HBO’s "Entourage"), FULLY LOADED is a hilarious dark comedy that chronicles the misadventures of two feisty single moms who spend a night cruising L.A. and discover it's not as easy as it used to be to hook up with a total stranger.

Comedians and real single moms Paula Killen and Lisa Orkin adapted FULLY LOADED from their original play of the same name that debuted at The Upright Citizen's Brigade before Adam McKay saw the potential for a feature film. Paula Killen and Lisa Orkin star in the film version, too, and theater director Shira Piven makes her feature directorial debut as director. 

The "mom-edy" pokes fun at their attempts to reclaim their single swagger and features a soundtrack of classic songs – aka, a “Mommy mix” – and features cameos by: Dweezil Zappa, Dave Koechner, Ana Gasteyer, Danny Pudi and Mark Boone, Jr. Available on demand November 13. 2012.




Click Here For Jeremy Piven's Top 5 Reasons To Watch FULLY LOADED


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THE MINDY PROJECT’S Chris Messina Spends Time In 28 HOTEL ROOMSNovember 14, 2012

THE MINDY PROJECT’S Chris Messina Spends Time In 28 HOTEL ROOMS

Oscilloscope Labs

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: 28 HOTEL ROOMS (Oscilloscope).

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A well-honed story is mined for deeper layers and an honest depiction.
By Cynthia Kane


28 HOTEL ROOMS isn’t a new story or concept, or even untold. There have been other films, both American and international - SAME TIME NEXT YEAR immediately comes to mind. It might be construed as a slightly worn subject. But this contemporary version is edgier, thought-provoking and skillfully realized. Thinking I was in for been-there-seen-that, I was unexpectedly pulled in. The relationship moved me; the film has stayed with me.

We never know their names. There’s a man (Chris Messina, JULIE AND JULIA, ARGO, HE LOVES ME, TOWELHEAD, VICKY CHRISTINA BARCELONA; on on the little screen: DAMAGES, NEWSROOM, THE MINDY PROJECT), yet more of a guy when we first encounter him. He’s a novelist, not yet successful and he’s had a one-night stand with an attractive young woman (Marin Ireland – trifrecta, RACHEL GETTING MARRIED; on the small screen: MIDLRED PIERCE, HOMELAND, THE GOOD WIFE).


In the beginning, she seems a bit shy, reticent, a touch sad or disappointed by life. They’re in a city where neither lives, a place they will perhaps never be again. They share a night, not meant to be repeated. Some months later, in another city, another place, he spies her across a hotel bar. 

It’s at this point the affair begins.

She’s a corporate accountant. From Seattle. She’s married. He’s not, but has a girlfriend. You get the sense neither is accustomed to doing this, a casual tryst in a nameless, faceless corporate hotel. Yet it sparks something deep within each. They continue to meet, but now not by chance, we’re not sure how often, but as events unfold in each their lives – he has a best seller, a second book doesn’t do as well, he takes a university teaching position; she’s promoted, gets pregnant and has a daughter – we sense the years passing.


Each meeting is a scene, a series of moments together. From chance meeting and one-night stand, come the chosen erotic encounters, and slowly love develops and finally… perhaps…friendship. They begin to realize each knows the other in ways no one else ever can, every will.

28 HOTEL ROOMS differs from other American films of this genre because it’s for adults, it’s a thinking person’s film. 

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Jack Plotnick’s Top 5 Reasons To Watch WRONGFebruary 02, 2013

Jack Plotnick’s Top 5 Reasons To Watch WRONG


Dolph Springer (Reno 911's Jack Plotnick) awakens one morning to find he has lost the sole love of his life - his dog, Paul. Desperate to reunite with his best friend and to set things right, Dolph embarks on a journey which spirals into the realm of the absurd. On quest, he drastically alters the lives of several severely bizarro characters, including a promiscuous pizza delivery girl (Entourage's Alexis Dzienza), a mentally unstable, jogging- addicted neighbor, an opportunistic French-Mexican gardener, an eccentric pet detective (Steve Little of HBO's Eastbound And Down) and most mysterious of all, an enigmatic pony-tailed guru, Master Chang (William Fichtner) who imparts his teachings to Dolph on how to metaphysically reconnect with the pet. From fearless cinematic surrealist Quentin Dupieux, the director behind the head-exploding RUBBER, WRONG is an entrancing and wholly original hallucinatory universe all its own.


Jack Plotnick's Top 6 Reasons To Watch WRONG:

1. Aren't you sick of movies that play out like every other movie EVER? "Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back." ...Isn't it time for a "boy loses dog, boy meets mysterious and facially scarred dog guru, gorgeous but psychotic girl moves in with boy" - ...well, I don't want to give away the ending.



2. How can you NOT see a movie by a director whose last film was about a tire that wakes up in the desert and starts killing people by making their heads explode?!

3. I have been a fan of William Fichtner for years, and it was a thrill to find out that not only is he a really cool guy, but he is a comedic GENIUS in this film. His performance is unforgettably and outstandingly quirky!


 4. I get to wear a fake mustache in this film (I can't actually grow one on my own). In my opinion, the mustache makes me as sexy as a young Tom Selleck. And wouldn't you like to see a movie with a young Tom Selleck again?!

5. But seriously, I am super proud of this film. It has it's own unique voice, it's funny and daring, and all the performances are so f*cking funny!


Look for WRONG On Demand


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Alex Karpovsky Brings Different Styles To RED FLAG And RUBBERNECKFebruary 18, 2013

Alex Karpovsky Brings Different Styles To RED FLAG And RUBBERNECK

Tibeca Film

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: RED FLAG And RUBBERNECK (Tribeca Film).

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By Nick DeNinno


After acquiring Red Flag and Rubberneck from writer/director/actor Alex Karpovsky (“Girls”), Tribeca Film is presenting the features on VOD and available nationwide on February 19, 2013.


Karpovsky, a star of the smash HBO series Girls, has appeared in films such as Tiny Furniture, Sleepwalk With Me, and Beeswax. In early 2013, he will be seen in the Coen Brothers’ new feature, Inside Llewyn Davis, as well as in Supporting Characters (a January 2013 Tribeca Film release). His prior films as writer-director include Woodpecker and The Hole Story.

 Rubberneck had its world premiere at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival and has enjoyed a robust showing at festivals internationally thereafter. Red Flag world-premiered at the 2012 Los Angeles Film Festival, went on to win multiple awards at other festivals, and was recently nominated for Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You at the 2012 Gotham Independent Film Awards.

A slow-burn character study-turned-psychosexual thriller, Rubberneck, co-written by Karpovsky and Garth Donovan, is a chillingly believable story of workplace romance gone wrong. Months after a weekend fling, Boston research scientist Paul (Karpovsky) continues to lust after his beautiful coworker Danielle (Jamie Ray Newman), nurturing his fantasies with the occasional polite exchange at work. But once she starts dating another scientist at their lab, his infatuation quickly turns into obsession – and he finds himself unable to control his desires.


With Rubberneck, Karpovsky surprises by bringing a completely different style to a completely different genre from his prior comedy features.


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