Joe Pantoliano, William Forsythe and Michael Madsen All In LOOSIES (On Demand)January 19, 2012

Joe Pantoliano, William Forsythe and Michael Madsen All In LOOSIES (On Demand)

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By Chris Claro


I’m not part of the TWILIGHT demo, so my exposure to Peter Facinelli has come mainly through seeing him as self-absorbed doctor Fitch Cooper on Showtime’s NURSE JACKIE. In LOOSIES, directed by Michael Corrente (OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE) and written by Facinelli, the actor uses his leading man looks and winning charm to tell the story of a New York hustler trying to stay ahead of the law.


Michael Corrente, Peter Facinelli

Facinelli’s Bobby spends his days cadging wallets from unsuspecting Wall Streeters, while paying attempting to pay off his deceased father’s debt to loan shark Jax (Vincent Gallo, THE BROWN BUNNY). Even as he dodges the cops on his tail, Fitch must contend with the reappearance of a one-night-stand who is pregnant with his baby.

If it sounds like a lot of traffic for a comedy, it is, but Corrente adeptly keeps LOOSIES jangling along with a sprightly rhythm, which makes up for some of the deficiencies of Facinelli’s dialogue: “I have problems with commitment.” – how did that line make it past the first draft? How did it even make it into the first draft?

Providence-based Corrente combines New York location footage with scenes shot in his hometown and cinematographer Sam Fleischman keeps the combination seamless. Using Canon 5D and 7D cameras, Fleischman achieves a truly filmic look that belies the movie’s digital roots.

LOOSIES also benefits from a surprisingly strong supporting cast that includes Joe Pantoliano (THE SPORANOS), William Forsythe (BOARDWALK EMPIRE), and Michael Madsen (RESERVOIR DOGS). For what is clearly a low-budget film, the presence of such familiar performers lends the film an added air of credibility and adds bulk to the slight story.


Michael Madsen

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NURSE JACKIE, SEASON 4 - On DemandApril 27, 2012


Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies and shows on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s reviews: "Nurse Jackie" (SHO), starring Edie Falco.

Young Women on the Verge of Life

By Jean Tait


I have to admit, by the end of “Nurse Jackie-Season 3,” I was a little disappointed. Season 2 ended on such a brilliant note, with Jackie totally busted, but somehow, in Season 3, she wiled her way out of it, and continued on exactly the same as before, with no change or growth. And as much as I love watching this ensemble, the lack of new direction started to wear thin. So I had my trepidations about Season 4.

Happily, they were unfounded. Although I don’t believe she’s quite hit bottom, yet, nor has she accepted that her personal life is a complete failure, Season 4 starts off with Jackie finally admitting she needs help. She is also beginning to see how her behavior is affecting those she loves (and who love her).

Off to rehab, it is! The change of scenery opens the door to new characters, bringing in some more of my favorite under-utilized actors as fellow re-hab patients: Margaret Colin playing a southern grande dame, and Mary Louise Wilson as Doris, an outspoken, wacky paranoiac. Also in re-hab is newcomer Jake Cannavale, all green-haired, sullen teen who becomes an unlikely sort of sponsor for Jackie’s sobriety.

Anna Deveare Smith continues to shine as beleaguered hospital administrator Gloria Akalitus who gets demoted back to wearing scrubs on the floor, which actually brings her closer to her co-workers emotionally as well as in physical proximity. Merrit Wever’s Zoey continues to beguile as her character grows up, but retains all her child-like charm. I’d like to see Peter Facinelli’s Dr Cooper grow up now a little, too.

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