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Non New York indie film fans, Tribeca Film is back with another slate of films available on demand. Beginning tomorrow (April 20), 6 Tribeca Films will bow on Movies On Demand. If you're in New York and can't make it to the film festival, you can watch a film for less than a cab ride.

Look for our reviews on Wednesday. More on the films in the Press Release below.



Tribeca Film, the comprehensive distribution label from Tribeca Enterprises supported by founding partner American Express, today announced that four of its films, 2011 Tribeca Film Festival official selections THE BANG BANG CLUB, THE BLEEDING HOUSE, LAST NIGHT and NEDS, will be released nationwide via video-on-demand under the “Tribeca Film” banner simultaneously with the start of the Festival on April 20. The “Tribeca Film” VOD category will also offer other festival circuit titles, including Dax Shepard’s BROTHER’S JUSTICE and THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, starring Zach Braff.
From April 20 through June 23, these Tribeca Film titles will be available in more than 40 million homes via cable, telco and satellite systems.  Additionally, the Tribeca Film platform will be available on the web via digital VOD services. Viewers will be able to access Tribeca Film titles via the “Tribeca Film” category of video-on-demand menus, via pay-per-view offerings and via other branded destinations online.  Tribeca Film will also begin to roll out these films’ theatrical releases, starting with THE BANG BANG CLUB in select markets as of April 22 and LAST NIGHT as of May 6.  
Tribeca Film’s initial VOD offerings feature notable stars such as Ryan Phillippe, Zach Braff, Keira Knightley, Taylor Kitsch, Sam Worthington and Eva Mendes. Film and television star Dax Shepard gets behind the camera for his directorial debut as he takes viewers on his journey to become an internationally-renowned martial arts star. These films will introduce audiences to the world of conflict photography, the violent side of 1970s Glasgow through the eyes of a bright young boy on the brink of adolescence and the life-changing consequences and relationships that can result in the course of one night.
“We are excited to be able to present a spectrum of specialty films that will simultaneously premiere at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival and on demand in over 40 million homes, giving those not at the Festival in NY a chance to enjoy these quality films,” said Geoff Gilmore, Chief Creative Officer for Tribeca Enterprises.
Films premiering at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, on VOD and in theaters:
·         THE BANG BANG CLUB, written and directed by Steven Silver. (Canada, South Africa) – US Premiere. THE BANG BANG CLUB is the true story of four young combat photographers bonded by friendship and their sense of purpose to tell the truth. They risk their lives and use their cameras to tell the world of the violence associated with the first free elections in post-Apartheid South Africa. Ryan Phillippe, Malin Akerman and Taylor Kitsch star in a film that explores the thrills, danger, and moral questions associated with exposing the truth. 
THE BANG BANG CLUB will have a platform national theatrical release beginning April 22 in NewYork (Village East Cinema), Los Angeles (Laemmle Sunset 5), Santa Ana/Costa Mesa, CA (South Coast Village) and Chicago (Music Box Theater), and April 29 in Washington DC (West End Cinemas) and Seattle (North West Film Forum), with additional markets and theaters to follow.
·         THE BLEEDING HOUSE, written and directed by Philip Gelatt. (USA) – World Premiere in Cinemania. Meet the Smiths—a family full of secrets who keep to themselves on a back road outside a small Midwestern town. In this visceral, tightly wound horror/thriller, their lives are shaken when a sweet-talking Texan arrives on their doorstep on a mission for retribution. Will he succeed in his goal to bleed them of their sins, or will the family’s haunted past prove to be even more deadly than he bargained for? THE BLEEDING HOUSE will have a limited theatrical release in 2011, beginning May 13.
·         LAST NIGHT, written and directed by Massy Tadjedin. (USA) – US Premiere, Narrative. Apart for one night, a happily married couple (Keira Knightley and Sam Worthington) is confronted by temptation that may decide the fate of their marriage. LAST NIGHT is ultimately about choices—to be in a relationship with someone, to give yourself to someone physically, to open yourself emotionally, and how to survive all three. Eva Mendes, Guillaume Canet, and Griffin Dunne also star in this sexy, provocative romantic drama.
LAST NIGHT will have a platform national theatrical release beginning May 6 in New York (Angelika and Chelsea Clearview), Los Angeles (Laemmle Sunset 5), Dallas (Angelika), Santa Ana/Costa Mesa, CA (South Coast Village), and San Francisco (Kabuki), and May 13 in Washington DC (West End Cinemas) and Boston (Coolidge), and on May 27 in San Diego (Gaslamp 15), with additional markets and theaters to follow.
·         NEDS “Non-Educated Delinquents,” written and directed by Peter Mullan. (UK) – US Premiere, Narrative. Directed by award winning actor/director Peter Mullan (MY NAME IS JOE, THE MAGDALENE SISTERS), NEDS takes place in the gritty and savage world of 1970s Glasgow. On the brink of adolescence, John McGill is a bright and sensitive boy. He’s eager to learn and full of promise, but with no one willing to give him a chance, young John descends into a violent life of crime. NEDS is an intense and tragic portrayal of the loss of hope. NEDS will have a limited theatrical release in 2011, beginning May 13.
Also available on Tribeca Film on VOD and in theaters:
·         BROTHER’S JUSTICE, co-directed by Dax Shepard and David Palmer – This Hollywood satire follows Dax Shepard as he makes the rash decision to abandon comedy in pursuit of his true dream: to become an internationally-renowned martial arts star. Winner of the audience award at the Austin Film Festival and an official selection of the Hollywood Film Festival, it marks the directorial debut of Shepard and features performances by Tom Arnold, Bradley Cooper, David Koechner, Michael Rosenbaum and Nate Tuck. BROTHER’S JUSTICE will have a limited theatrical release in 2011.
·         THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, written and directed by Deborah Chow – This dark romantic drama about intertwined fates centers on the burgeoning relationship between an unlikely pair. Nathalie (Isabelle Blais) is expecting her first child, and Henry (Zach Braff) is on his way to his next drug deal. Their paths fatefully collide one night in an event that will irrevocably change their lives. The film was an official selection of the Toronto Film Festival. THE HIGH COST OF LIVING will have a limited theatrical release in 2011.
The Tribeca Film website has an easy-to-use guide on where to find all films.
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What Tribeca Film On Demand Do You Want To See The Most? - PollApril 20, 2011

What Tribeca Film On Demand Do You Want To See The Most? - Poll

Tribeca Film Enterprises

Tribeca Film is back with another slate of films available on demand. Beginning today (April 20), 6 Tribeca Films will bow on Movies On Demand.

On Demand Weekly wants to know which film you want to see the most?

By Adam Schartoff


With his latest feature Zach Braff has made a pointed decision to reinvent himself.  Gone is the cuddly or quirky Zach Braff of SCRUBS or GARDEN STATE. In THE HIGH COST OF LIVING, Braff plays Henry Welles, a drug dealing American expat living in Montreal. The story really begins when Henry runs into Nathalie Beauchamp.  I mean he literally runs into her with this car, as he is driving the wrong way one wintry night looking for a client’s building...

Dax Shepherd Provides BROTHER'S JUSTICE On Demand

By Adam Schartoff

In the wake of Rob Reiner’s SPINAL TAP and a subsequent series of Christopher Guest “mockumentaries” comes BROTHER’S JUSTICE directed by and starring actor Dax Shepherd and co-directed by David Palmer. Dax (PARENTHOOD, THE FREEBIE) plays a variation of himself, a proto-Hollywood actor/producer who is constantly pitching movie ideas despite how developed or undeveloped those ideas may be...

Non-educated delinquents… with one who wants to break that mold… NEDS
By Cynthia Kane


NEDS or ‘non-educated delinquents’ is a Scottish slang term meaning juvie or hood or gang member. It’s also an edgy and excellent new film from Scottish actor-writer-director Peter Mullen...

Keira Knightly and Sam Worthington Star In LAST NIGHT
By Amy Slotnick

Temptation and deception are presented in a new light by the four characters of Tribeca Film Festival drama LAST NIGHT. Keira Knightly and Sam Worthington star as a young couple who, three years into their marriage, face a cross roads that will determine the fate of their relationship...

THE BANG BANG CLUB Shoots Its Way To Your Home
By Chris Claro


In the waning days of apartheid, the early 1990s, as civil war raged throughout South Africa, a band of daring young photojournalists earned the monicker “The Bang Bang Club” for their dynamic shots of the conflict. Steven Silver’s film, starring Ryan Phillippe, Malin Akerman, and Taylor Kitsch, focuses on the adrenalin-fueled atmosphere that kept the shooters fighting for their pictures as well as their lives...


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Movies On Demand - April 2012 Preview - The IndiesApril 02, 2012

Movies On Demand - April 2012 Preview - The Indies
On Demand Weekly helps you browse through the New Movies On Demand (MOD) this month with our April preview!
By Britt Bensen
The Movies On Demand MOD April Preview of The Indies has arrived. Highlights of the new release schedule for April, 2012 include A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN, COMIC-CON EPISODE IV: A FAN’S HOPE, SHAME and more. People who missed these highly-regarded titles can catch them on demand in April.

Almost every indie new release listed comes to Movies On Demand either before or the same day as DVD.

Enjoy On Demanding this month!

Indie Titles:

A LITTLE BIT OF HEAVEN – Premieres April 3
PG-13, Romance
Kate Hudson, Peter Dinklage

Before theatrical release

TYRANNOSAUR – Premieres April 3
TV-MA, Drama
Peter Mullan, Olivia Colman

Same day as DVD, Weeks before Netflix

TV-MA, Documentary

Same day as theatrical release

GOD BLESS AMERICA – Premieres April 6
R, Comedy
Joel Murray, Tara Lynne Barr

Before theatrical release

PINA – Premieres April 6
PG, Documentary
Pina Bausch

Before DVD

– Premieres April 6
TV-MA, Thriller
Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Wilkinson

Before theatrical release

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OLIVE KITTERIDGE - HBO DemandNovember 07, 2014



On Demand Weekly provides new reviews of hot movies and shows on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: “OLIVE KITTERIDGE.”

Prickly as a hedgehog. Those are words you could use to describe Olive Kitteridge. Warm, fuzzy, likable are NOT. She is feisty, crabby and does not suffer fools (which she considers most people to be).Yet as played with fierce intelligence and indomitable will by the amazing Frances McDormand, you can understand why her husband adores her and her son admires her. With McDormand’s incandescent blue eyes, incredible cheekbones, and earthy New England accent, it’s as if Katharine Hepburn were playing the Henry Fonda part in ON GOLDEN POND.

It is difficult to be the smartest person in the room, depressing even. Perhaps that is why Olive thinks depression runs in her family. She thinks it’s good to be depressed as it is a sign of intelligence. She never stops to think about how her depression plays out as anger towards everyone in her path, damaging with a scornful look or scathing word.


Frances McDormand, Unknown, Richard Jenkins, OLIVE KITTERIDGE (HBO)

John Gallagher, Jr., is very good as the Kitteridge’s wounded but resilient son. Richard Jenkins is superb as Olive’s long-suffering husband, Henry, who remains...


...attracted to her intelligence

even as she uses it as a weapon against him.


He is not her intellectual equal, but he is a kind, generous, loving soul who rarely fights back. When he starts working with Denise Thibodeau (Zoe Kazan), her fragile, doe-like open heart is like refreshing spring water to poor Henry’s parched heart. Their relationship is lovely. It borders on sexual attraction, without ever crossing the line from safely chaste. It’s no wonder Olive bristles every time she sees that Denise gives Henry what she can’t: someone to take care of.

Olive has her own unrequited affair of the heart with the hard drinking, smoking, poetry-quoting, fellow teacher, Jim O’Casey, (Peter Mullan-excellent as usual) which comes to a tragic end when he teaches the ultimate lesson in why one shouldn’t drink and drive.

Full of such small, tragic moments, along with moments that should be happy but somehow aren’t, is the delicate tale of Olive Kitteridge: the story of a no nonsense woman living in a world that baffles even her sharp mind. She wants to feel a connection but has no idea how to give that part of her that allows that connection. And the not knowing frustrates her because it insults her intelligence. It is the rare person in her life that can call her on it. By the time that person comes in in the form of Bill Murray’s Jack Kennison, we can only hope that Olive is slightly ready to thaw.



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