On Demand News & Links - 1/21January 21, 2010

On Demand News & Links - 1/21


On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry.

Netflix Bends To Warner Bros., Won't Rent DVDs For 28 Days After They Go On Sale
This will please the movie industry: Netflix has agreed to a 28-day window before it rents Warner Bros. DVDs and Blu-ray discs after they go on sale. The idea is that this will allow Warner Bros. to sell more discs, which is more lucrative than rentals.... (Silicon Alley Insider)


Think the Internet Will Replace Cable ? Read this first

Its going to be cheaper to have the big traditional cable distributors offer your content to viewers than it will be to reach a large audience on the net. Thats for a one time offering. If you plan on doing it more than once or on a regularly scheduled basic, there is no question its cheaper to do it this way. And the picture quality will be dramatically better… (Mark Cuban)


Thinking Outside the Box: Web TVs Skirt Cable Giants
In the meantime, they insist that cable-cutting is more urban myth than reality. "We see some interesting stuff out there, but right now people are watching more TV than ever; cable-cutting is largely on the fringe," said Alex Dudley, spokesman for Time Warner Cable, the nation's No. 2 operator.....(Ad Age)

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