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The Video on Demand (VOD) category continues to expand. In July 2009 alone, there were more than 655 Million transactions.* An increase over June 2009 of 11%. If you’re watching VOD, you’re part of a fast-growing trend. The Free offerings continue to lead the VOD growth:
Rentrak Corporation, the media measurement company, reported that the number of Total Free On Demand transactions soared to a record 476 million in July. (Rentrak Corporation}
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Video On Demand is the Fastest Growing Alternative TV Delivery PlatformApril 19, 2012

Video On Demand is the Fastest Growing Alternative TV Delivery Platform

Rentrak, the leader in multi-screen media measurement serving the advertising, television and entertainment industries releases their annual State of VOD: Trend Report 2011. The report, which is based on an aggregation of data from Rentrak's OnDemand Essentials service, shows that video-on-demand


(VOD) is at the tipping point

of becoming a major ad medium.


Free-On-Demand (FOD) content, which are programs that run on ad-supported broadcast, cable and on-demand only networks, experienced 17% growth in 2011 to 6.8 billion transactions. With an average of 5 hours and 17 FOD television shows or videos watched per month, the potential value of the ad inventory in these programs is at least one billion dollars, based on Rentrak estimates.

The on-demand platform is an excellent growth opportunity for increased ad revenue with more than 55 million U.S. homes with access to VOD and the average home spending 8 hours per month watching VOD content. The majority of VOD viewing is spent on free programs.

"We like to think about VOD as the power of 8-plus! In the 8 years since VOD has taken off, homes now watch 8 hours of VOD a month and 80% of that is free TV programs, with more than 80% of the free TV program viewing occurring after the first three days of availability on-demand. Combine that with the potential ad sales of a billion dollars and you have one powerful medium," said Cathy Hetzel, Corporate President at Rentrak.


Cathy Hetzel, Corporate President at Rentrak

Additional Insights from Rentrak's State of VOD: Trend Report 2011

     - VOD grew overall by more than 1 billion transactions from 7.8 billion last year to 8.8 billion in 2011.

     - 77% of those transactions (6.8 billion) were for free content, providing significant opportunity for revenue growth over the coming years as ad insertion technology becomes commonplace.

     - Each month, 33.8 million STBs accessed free content.

     - Within FOD, major program viewership is now dominant. The TV Entertainment category, which includes programming from the top linear broadcast and cable networks, is now the top FOD category by transactions, up from #3 last year.


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