On Demand Options for Hard to Find Films - New York TimesAugust 04, 2010

On Demand Options for Hard to Find Films - New York Times

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Congratulations to SnagFilms, Disney & the Smithsonian Channel. And New York Times, how about showing some love to our coverage of the On Demand industry??? - ODW


On-Demand Options for Hard-to-Find Films

Serious moviegoers may still see on-demand channels as a dumping ground for films that were in theaters six months ago or weren’t good enough to be in theaters at all. But as more and more “small,” serious films fight for screen time, a few distributors are starting to see on-demand television as a first option — which means that the quality of on-demand offerings is beginning to rise... (New York Times)


SnagFilms to Expand Library’s Reach to New Platforms

Documentary distribution outlet SnagFilms—the parent company of indieWIRE—will unveil later today an expansion of the platforms for its nonfiction titles that is timed to its second anniversary, as well as deals with a range of companies for more films. Snag will bring its library of 1,500-plus films to a suite of new sources beyond the original web platform upon which it was launched. New outlets will include the creation of VOD channels with cable network Comcast and Verizon FiOS TV… (IndieWIRE)



'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally' Makes Linear Debut Sept. 7, Flanked By On-Demand, Mobile Presentations

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally is set to make its Disney Channel debut on Sept. 7 at 7 p.m., the same day the program will be available for purchase on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

The 50-minute special, though, will benefit from a full-length preview on Disney Channel On Demand on Aug. 31...
(Multichannel News)


CBS, Comcast Sign 10-Year Contract to Carry TV Shows

The contract also provides Comcast customers with Showtime Networks, the new Smithsonian channel, expanded distribution of CBS College Sports and more on-demand access to CBS and Showtime online and on TV... (Bloomberg)


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Nice Guy Johnny (Facebook)

UPDATED (9/24/10).
Independent film fans in Comcast markets rejoice. Comcast On Demand announced Thursday that they will deliver more independent film content. To help launch the expanded service, filmmaker Edward Burns will offer exclusive access to content from his upcoming film NICE GUY JOHNNY (distributed On Demand October 26, 2010 by FilmBuff).
Comcast announced that it will bring more independent film content to its customers through the creation of the Indie Film Club via its On Demand service. The new On Demand offering, which builds on a similar online initiative Comcast launched earlier this year, is available to Comcast digital video customers. The dedicated On Demand folder will include indie films, exclusive material, movie trailers, guest editors’ picks, extras, interviews and other special content.

“Comcast is thrilled to extend the reach of independent movies into living rooms across the country, providing more exposure for these films, which have a passionate following,” said Diana Kerekes, Vice President of Entertainment Services for Comcast. “It’s all part of giving our customers more choice, value and a sense of excitement and closeness to indie filmmakers. With the popularity of indie films, we’re proud to be working with leaders in this field, like Edward Burns, Tribeca Film, SnagFilms and others, to make that happen.”
Through the Indie Film Club, on October 26th, Comcast will debut Edward Burns’ latest film and romantic comedy, NICE GUY JOHNNY, including an exclusive interview with Burns, behind-the-scenes content, along with a live online chat with Burns. Comcast will also feature Burns as a guest editor On Demand with Edward’s “Picks and Flicks,” which will include his beloved first two features THE BROTHER MCMULLLEN and SHE'S THE ONE, as well as his top recommendations for independent films.
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CULTURES OF RESISTANCE - On DemandAugust 03, 2011



On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies and shows on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: CULTURES OF RESISTANCE (SnagFilms).

We Shall Overcome by singing, dancing, painting, writing….
By Jean Tait


Art can be a powerful tool. In CULTURE OF RESISTANCE (CoR), a documentary feature directed by Iara Lee and produced by George Gund, we get to see that power at work. CoR highlights the work of artists, musicians, and dancers throughout the world who are working for peace and justice, and are re-conceiving resistance as a fundamentally creative act.

To see artists risking their lives and well-being to make important statements is always scary, yet exhilarating, and when the work is impressive as well, it becomes awe-inspiring.

In an attempt to show such a variety of artists (musicians, dancers, graffiti artists, cartoonists, painters, filmmakers, etc.), in a multitude of countries and regions, the filmmakers bite off a little more than the audience can chew. Rather disjointed and jarring in the transitions, it is nonetheless a powerful film.


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Slacker, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Goldman Sachs: SnagFilms Isn’t Just Docs AnymoreOctober 17, 2011

Slacker, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Goldman Sachs: SnagFilms Isn’t Just Docs Anymore



Slacker, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Goldman Sachs: SnagFilms Isn’t Just Docs Anymore
SnagFilms expands to offer scripted independent films to a wider array of platforms, mobile networks and its own ad-supported website that includes long form ads from Goldman Sachs.

- By Britt Bensen

launched in 2008 with a site offering fans of independent films free online streaming of nonfiction films, and a distribution network of over 110,000 websites and web pages. The film platform recently announced deals to expand its programming from documentaries to include fictional independent feature films and to make them available to more paid and ad-supported distribution partners.


Some of the new titles include DON’T ASK DON’T TELL, DRAGONSLAYER SPLINTERS and CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST In addition, SnagFilms will offer digital release (initially for paid viewing) of fictional films such as TOO YOUNG TO DIE, WOMEN TALKING DIRTY, P.U.N.K.S. and TEKNOLUST. Their library is over 2750 films with 400 fictional (narrative) films (correction).


SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen


“Big studio blockbusters are available everywhere – why shouldn’t great independent films be just as ubiquitous?” asked SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen. “With our dramatic expansion of distribution channels and the enhanced SnagFilms.com website, SnagFilms can now also offer enthralling independent fictional films across free and paid platforms, from computers to TVs, tablets, game consoles, and smart phones.”


In addition to their current distribution partners (transactional: Xfinity, FiOS, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu Plus and YouTube Movies and ad supported: AOL, Yahoo, Starbucks Digital Network, to name a few), SnagFilms announced deals for their free-streamed movie distribution expands from iOS to Android And BlackBerry Mobile Platforms and their Pay-on-Demand titles have expanded to DIRECTV, Vudu, and Xbox LIVE.


“We began three years ago with a simple premise,” noted SnagFilms founder and chairman Ted Leonsis, “that new technologies could liberate audiences to enjoy great films that, because of a bottleneck in traditional film distribution, they might not ever get to see. With these remarkable enhancements to SnagFilms.com and the new distribution partnerships we’ve announced today, SnagFilms becomes a ubiquitous platform that will benefit consumers, filmmakers and communities.”



So current partners get access to a growing library and new partners can now offer SnagFilms titles to their consumers. Content on SnagFilms.com is available for free streaming online. Films are not in the pay and ad-supported windows simultaneously with commercially appealing films being made available transactionally on demand first.


And for the truly undiscovered gems out there, there is SnagFAST, an online submissions process for vetted film festival films to be considered by SnagFilms. Allen confirmed fifty (50) films have been accepted to date.


Adding to the diverse slate of programming is SnagFilms advertising partner, the notorious Goldman Sachs.

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