Robert Redford Digs On DemandOctober 11, 2009

In another step to bring the preeminent U.S. film festival to film fans living outside of Park City, UT, Robert Redford has announced Sundance Selects, a new video-on-demand (VOD) service offering films and documentaries. The films will be available to digital subscribers of Comcast, Cox and Cablevision, often available the same day in theaters. The exciting new indie film option will make its VOD debut on August 26 with Spike Lee's new documentary, "Passing Strange: The Movie," which premiered at the 2009 Sundance festival. The film records the Broadway musical of the same name that tells of a young black man finding his way in life.
At Sundance, increasing the size of the market for independent film has always been our mission, in addition to just giving exposure to new voices, so this allows us to electronically take that vision to a broader group," Redford told Reuters.
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What Black History Month Programming Is On Demand?February 02, 2012

What Black History Month Programming Is On Demand?

Media savant T Tara Turk goes deep inside cable TV to reveal Video On Demand's Hidden Gems so even the busiest of our readers can get the most out of On Demand TV. Tell Tara what VOD shows you think deserves her attention.


Black History Month - On Demand

By T. Tara Turk


I generally celebrate being black 365 days a year since, well, I’m black and that’s who I am. But having a designated (albeit short) month to celebrate usually calls for the customary cards, parades, and customized television program on some channels. The TV part is my favorite because then we get to peruse some classics that usually go unnoticed in mainstream “Best Of” lists since some tend not to think outside of the regular classics box.

If you’re in the mood to add some culture to your February or you just want to take a dance down memory lane, I found a few titles available on Black Cinema on Xfinity On Demand this month that may help.

For the Beginner:

ROOTS: THE MINI SERIES - One of the most popular mini series of all time. Pre-dvr/vhs/on demand days, folks would actually plan their TV week with TV Guide and this was one series that scored high ratings across the board in the 1970s. And, since we’re spanning the first few hundred years of slavery, every black actor in Hollywood was able to get a job. -

RAY - Jamie Foxx appears to have an out of body experience playing famed musician Ray Charles. This performance was so good, Jamie continued to channel Ray in a Kanye West song. But seriously, not many people know the story of Ray Charles but most seem to benefit from it.

THE COLOR PURPLE - I don’t have a group of friends in my life that doesn’t, in some way, quote from this movie. While Alice Walker’s book about a black girl in the south who grows up beyond expectations touched so many lives, the movie, directed by Steven Spielberg, mad a lasting impression with its stellar cast which includes Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Margaret Avery and the late great Adolph Caeser.

MALCOLM X - For a long time, Malcolm was and has been misunderstood as a minister of hate but thanks to Spike Lee’s epic production and the genius of Denzel Washington, this should shed some light on the life of Malcolm while being hugely entertaining to watch.

DREAMGIRLS - Who doesn’t love a little retro glamour, a little heartbreak and some amazing singing from the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx,Anoki Rose and - GASP - Eddie Murphy! The long running Broadway story rumored to based on Diana Ross and the Supremes, finally made a huge dent at the box office and came away with a few Grammy nods.

For the Experienced:

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Nelson George’s BROOKLYN BOHEMEMarch 13, 2012



Editor's Note: BROOKLYN BOHEME is now available on demand (FilmBuff).


Media savant T Tara Turk goes deep inside cable TV to reveal Video On Demand's Hidden Gems so even the busiest of our readers can get the most out of On Demand TV. Tell Tara what VOD shows you think deserves her attention.



By T. Tara Turk


The first time I moved to New York from Detroit for college, one of the first things I did was go straight to Prospect Park to see the place where Spike Lee filmed his bike scene with Denzel Washington for MO BETTA BLUES. This was a clear sign that I was going to be apart of this movement, whatever it was, since my sights to see were vastly different from the usual.

BROOKLYN BOHEME on Showtime On Demand is Writer/Critic/Filmmaker Nelson George’s documentary on the Brooklyn neighborhood of Fort Greene and it’s popular 1990s art scene.


It is a beautiful love story

much like that of Woody Allen to New York or Paris

or Scorsese's tribute to Manhattan.


Very few filmmakers could shoot this Brooklyn relationship (although poet/writer/filmmaker Pierre Bennu is one I think who could compliment this one brilliantly) because it’s really something you had to be there to see. I know youngsters hate hearing older people say that (gasp- when did I put myself in that latter group?) but it’s definitely true. If you weren’t there and you’re keen to see how a renaissance gets started, you’ll love this labor of truth from George.


Nelson George (Courtesy of Showtime)

George’s doc is comprised of very personal interviews with very known people (mostly because they are his friends) like Chris Rock, Spike Lee, Rosie Perez, Talib Kweli, Lisa Jones and Saul Williams to name a few.


The chapters of the doc are chronological, starting with the early inhabitants of the then super regular and ungentrified neighborhood, which include Lee, Vernon Reid and Branford Marsalis. This was time when most of those up and coming artists were mostly kids of Brooklynite parents or children of jazz musicians who bought homes in Fort Greene early on due the price and location to the West Village (just two stops away). But then this kids starting creating magical art like “School Days” and stayed in the neighborhood where they worked thus creating a movement of familial synergy and cultural discourse that would last for years on end.

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Movies On Demand - November 2012 Preview - The IndiesNovember 12, 2012

Movies On Demand - November 2012 Preview - The Indies

On Demand Weekly helps you browse through the New Movies On Demand (MOD) this month with our November preview!

By Britt Bensen

MOD viewers can catch many entertaining titles on cable in November before they premiere in theatres such as CHEERFUL WEATHER FOR THE WEDDING, DEADFALL, LAY THE FAVORITE, SAVE THE DATE and THE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS from director/star Ed Burns. Notable November MOD films include FRANCINE, featuring Academy Award winner Melissa Leo’s critically praised performance, THE BAY, directed by Oscar-winner Barry Levinson same day as theatrical, I WISH, a Japanese film about the power of imagination which was well-reviewed, and director Spike Lee’s RED HOOK SUMMER. Also worth highlighting is FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL…, the unrated version of this raunchy comedy with Seth Rogen’s wife Lauren Miller, and HEAD GAMES, a timely documentary about football concussion injuries from respected documentarian Steve James HOOP DREAMS. More details on those below. These entertaining indie films may not be widely available in local theaters.

Enjoy On Demanding this month!

CHEERFUL WEATHER FOR THE WEDDING – Premieres on MOD 11/1, before theatrical release. Felicity Jones, Luke Treadaway. TV-14

DEADFALL – Premieres on MOD 11/1, before theatrical release. Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde. R

FRANCINE – Premieres on MOD 11/1. Melissa Leo, Victoria Charkut. TV-MA

THE BAY – Premieres on MOD 11/2, same day as theatrical release. Will Rogers, Kristen Connolly. R

LAY THE FAVORITE – Premieres on MOD 11/2, before theatrical release. Bruce Willis, Rebecca Hall. R

TEDDY BEAR – Premieres on MOD 11/2. Kim Kold, Elsebeth Steentoft. PG-13

I WISH - Premieres on MOD 11/6, same day as DVD. Koki Maeda, Ohshiro Maeda. PG

SAVE THE DATE – Premieres on MOD 11/8, before theatrical release. Alison Brie, Lizzy Caplan. R

RED HOOK SUMMER – Premieres on MOD 11/12, weeks before DVD, Netflix & Redbox. Jules Brown, Thomas Jefferson Byrd. R

FULLY LOADED – Premieres on MOD 11/13. Paula Killen, Dweezil Zappa. TV-MA

NITRO CIRCUS: THE MOVIE – Premieres on MOD 11/13, same day as DVD, available in 3D. Travis Pastrana, Jolene Van Vugt. PG-13

THE QUEEN OF VERSAILLES – Premieres on MOD 11/13, same day as DVD. Documentary. PG

VAMPS – Premieres on MOD 11/13, same day as DVD. Alicia Silverstone, Krysten Ritter. PG-13

BRINGING UP BOBBY – Premieres on MOD 11/16, 4 days before DVD, Netflix & Redbox. Milla Jovovich, Bill Pullman. PG-13

THE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS – Premieres on MOD 11/20, before theatrical release. Edward Burns, Connie Britton. TV-14

FOR A GOOD TIME, CALL… UNRATED Premieres on MOD 11/20, weeks before DVD, Netflix & Redbox. Lauren Anne Miller, Ari Graynor. TV-MA

HEAD GAMES – Premieres on MOD 11/20, same day as DVD, weeks before Netflix. Documentary. PG-13

WILD HORSE, WILD RIDE – Premieres on MOD 11/20, weeks before DVD, Netflix & Redbox. Documentary. PG

DRAGON – Premieres on MOD 11/30, same day as theatrical release. Donnie Yen, Takeshi Kaneshiro. R

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DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK - From The Blacktop To The Silver ScreenJune 14, 2013

DOIN’ IT IN THE PARK - From The Blacktop To The Silver Screen


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: DOIN IT IN THE PARK', available to download at

See the latest Independent Movie On Demand (IMOD) Trailers here...



By T. Tara Turk


I got into basketball because of hormones and because of my mom. I’m not ashamed. My mom has always been a sports nut - she was a super fan/stan of the Dallas Cowboys for years and would keep me up on Monday nights SCREAMING. So when I was a pre-teen and I discovered basketball, hormones and the boys who played basketball, I may have become my mother’s daughter.

While I was busy fawning and screaming over the likes of Alonzo Mourning playing for Georgetown, unbeknownst to me there was a whole street ball thing happening in New York that I wouldn’t even hear of until I moved there. Every New Yorker and her visitors pass by the ball courts at West 4th Street in the Village with their crowded myriad group of ecclectic men, boys and sometimes girls - looking like street pirates, all vying for a spot in the next game. But there is a whole world behind that scene that NYC radio personality/former Rock Steady breakdancing crew member/street ball player and lover/documentarian Bobbito Garcia and  Kevin Couliau tackles in his new doc DOIN' IT IN THE PARK.


Garcia hits a treasure trove of memories, rules (by borough naturally), beloved legends, new legends and grounds that would normally be lost forever. I myself, totally obliviously lived near one of the most famous street ball courts in Harlem on a 129th and Seventh Ave. These treasures pour straight from the source with many neighborhood legends talking about their progression of playing ball with socks and the wall, garbage cans lifted up to walls and finally, the courts in the neighborhood. And you can’t forget about the legendary games that the courts have witnessed! Some footage shows folks sitting on the top of buildings to watch some of the tournaments..some even with legends like Kareem Abdul Jabar. Ahh the days before video games.


The story telling is absolutely fascinating to any basketball lover as many of those courts have gone on to give the NBA some legends like Kenny Smith, Dr. J (my mom’s husband in her head), Kenny Anderson and many street legends that never got to the NBA because of, well, life, like Pee Wee Kirkland and Fly Williams. Garcia and Couliau travel from famous courts like the Ruckers up in Harlem to smaller courts like the ones on Riker’s Island, a place that can’t contain the dreams of some of the younger and older street ballers despite their incarceration.

And you can’t forget about the women! 

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