SAME DAY AS THEATRESSeptember 16, 2009


Sundance Channel

VOD not only offers PPV Movies that screened in theaters months ago, but they have partnered with cutting edge, independent film distributors to bring you films the SAME DAY AS THEATRES. Whether you want to see films made outside the Hollywood system or future stars in breakout performances, see the latest from the film festival circuit in the comfort of your own home.

Premiering This Week: September 14 – 20, 2009


UNMADE BEDS (93 min)

Young, attractive and misguided youth from all over Europe descend to a squatters apartment in London in this stylish and sexy film. Be the first on your block to say you saw captivating young actors Deborah Francois and Fernando Tielve, before they become well known. (Rated R) $6.99. Available until 11/17/2009

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SAME DAY AS THEATERSSeptember 29, 2009


IFC Films

VOD not only offers PPV Movies that screened in theaters months ago, but they have partnered with cutting edge, independent film distributors to bring you films the SAME DAY AS THEATERS. Whether you want to see films made outside the Hollywood system or future stars in breakout performances, see the latest from the film festival circuit in the comfort of your own home.

Premiering Wednesday, September 30, 2009

IFC In Theaters


One of this year’s Independent Spirit Awards nominees for Best First Feature, AFTERSCHOOL is a startling look at youth in today’s media age. Robert is a new student at an East Coast prep school who captures the horrific death of two girls on camera. Their deaths and the access of seeing the incident online shake the school. A terrific debut film that marks the arrival of director Antonio Campos.

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Robert Redford Digs On DemandOctober 11, 2009

In another step to bring the preeminent U.S. film festival to film fans living outside of Park City, UT, Robert Redford has announced Sundance Selects, a new video-on-demand (VOD) service offering films and documentaries. The films will be available to digital subscribers of Comcast, Cox and Cablevision, often available the same day in theaters. The exciting new indie film option will make its VOD debut on August 26 with Spike Lee's new documentary, "Passing Strange: The Movie," which premiered at the 2009 Sundance festival. The film records the Broadway musical of the same name that tells of a young black man finding his way in life.
At Sundance, increasing the size of the market for independent film has always been our mission, in addition to just giving exposure to new voices, so this allows us to electronically take that vision to a broader group," Redford told Reuters.
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On Demand News & Links - 2/3February 03, 2010

On Demand News & Links - 2/3

Linda R. Chen/Miramax Films

On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry.Industry.

Talking About a Revolution (for a Digital Age)

This year’s Sundance was abuzz about entries that were available for rental on YouTube or through video on demand during the festival, as filmmakers try out new ways to make an impact. These small-screen efforts have met with skepticism even while reaping the expected publicity, because it’s unclear how they might affect a movie’s distribution chances post-festival.

Now, as the independent cinema nurses its Hollywood hangover, the future remains unclear even as one message is getting louder: It is time to blow the whole thing up..... (New York Times)

Sundance: Is video-on-demand the future of indie film? For titles like 'The Freebie' and 'Bass Ackwards,' yes
I can say that Bass Ackwards will be available in millions of homes in exactly four days, on Feb. 1, via cable VOD. It’s the kind of truly and redemptively quirky cinema that adventurous moviegoers will be grateful to see. And happy to demand… (EW)

Film Execs look at the state of Indie Distribution
“People go to the movies to get away from their daily lives. What is selling now is comfort food movies. We have had movies that did under $20,000 at the box office but did a million dollars in sales on VOD” – Eamonn Bowles, President, Magnolia Pictures ...  (The Global Film Village)

The Doctors Are In: Sundance Ponders New Distribution Solutions
Based on general information garnered among a variety of sources, it’s widely known that in some cases VOD can generate as many as 200,000 buys on the highest end for the sort of films released by companies in this sector... (Indiewire)

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Nice Guy Johnny (Facebook)

UPDATED (9/24/10).
Independent film fans in Comcast markets rejoice. Comcast On Demand announced Thursday that they will deliver more independent film content. To help launch the expanded service, filmmaker Edward Burns will offer exclusive access to content from his upcoming film NICE GUY JOHNNY (distributed On Demand October 26, 2010 by FilmBuff).
Comcast announced that it will bring more independent film content to its customers through the creation of the Indie Film Club via its On Demand service. The new On Demand offering, which builds on a similar online initiative Comcast launched earlier this year, is available to Comcast digital video customers. The dedicated On Demand folder will include indie films, exclusive material, movie trailers, guest editors’ picks, extras, interviews and other special content.

“Comcast is thrilled to extend the reach of independent movies into living rooms across the country, providing more exposure for these films, which have a passionate following,” said Diana Kerekes, Vice President of Entertainment Services for Comcast. “It’s all part of giving our customers more choice, value and a sense of excitement and closeness to indie filmmakers. With the popularity of indie films, we’re proud to be working with leaders in this field, like Edward Burns, Tribeca Film, SnagFilms and others, to make that happen.”
Through the Indie Film Club, on October 26th, Comcast will debut Edward Burns’ latest film and romantic comedy, NICE GUY JOHNNY, including an exclusive interview with Burns, behind-the-scenes content, along with a live online chat with Burns. Comcast will also feature Burns as a guest editor On Demand with Edward’s “Picks and Flicks,” which will include his beloved first two features THE BROTHER MCMULLLEN and SHE'S THE ONE, as well as his top recommendations for independent films.
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Edie Falco Is In Your BackyardAugust 03, 2011

Edie Falco Is In Your Backyard

Screen Media

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: 3 BACKYARDS (Screen Media).


3 BACKYARDS - On Demand
By Amy Slotnick


Two-time winner of Sundance’s directing award, Eric Mendelsohn follows up his first feature film JUDY BERLIN, with the poetic drama, 3 BACKYARDS.

3 BACKYARDS follows three interwoven stories, all set during one autumn day in a quaint Long Island town. A businessman, a housewife and a child are the main characters all of whom appear at first as very familiar archetypes.


Observing them as they go on brief but emotional journeys, we witness each find something unexpected. Their stories are connected by the theme that unseen, and sometimes secret, happenings can be found in one’s metaphoric backyard.


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SundanceNOW Launches “Doc Club”April 19, 2012

SundanceNOW Launches “Doc Club”

Jonathan Sehring, President of Sundance Selects, announced today that Sundance Selects' digital sister, SundanceNOW, a new online destination for independent film, has launched "Doc Club," an innovative SVOD (Subscriber Video-on-Demand) program for documentary films. The company has turned to Thom Powers, one of the world's leading authorities on documentary films, to create a slate of curated titles each month for film enthusiasts.

Powers and the SundanceNOW team have spent the past year looking through the film libraries of several of the world's great documentary distributors, IFC, Zeitgeist, Icarus and Docurama, finding both many well-known titles as well as a number of hidden and hard-to-find gems. Subscribers may access "Doc Club's" monthly themed selections via streaming or downloading and can also retrieve the entire archive of previous months, as well as Powers' commentaries created just for "Doc Club" plus additional special materials.

Notes Powers: "I am very proud of the work I do in New York with 'Stranger Than Fiction' as well as the documentary programming I assemble for the Toronto International Film Festival and DOC NYC. I hope that the establishment of 'Doc Club' means that audiences across the country who are hungrier than ever for documentary films can now share my passion for these great films."

"This past year has been an incredible one for Sundance Selects especially with our documentary films. Audiences across the country and beyond have proven that documentaries are alive and well," said Jonathan Sehring, president of Sundance Selects. "This new 'Doc Club' via SundanceNOW will cater directly to online fans of documentaries. I feel strongly that any way a person can discover a documentary film is a great thing. With Thom's curated selections of beloved titles and hard-to-find gems, and his fascinating commentaries, lovers of documentaries will have a terrific new destination to explore."

SundanceNOW's "Doc Club" kicks off with an Errol Morris Spotlight. Films include THE THIN BLUE LINE, GATES OF HEAVEN and VERNON, FLORIDA as well as the hard to find entire FIRST PERSON series. The cost is $3.99 a month for access to 6-10 titles or $19.99 a year.

Films to be showcased over the coming months include some of the best of recent documentary filmmaking including BILL CUNNINGHAM, ART OF THE STEAL, MY WINNIPEG, BLACK POWER MIXTAPE, TOUCHING THE VOID and LAST TRAIN HOME; classics like WORDPLAY, ATOMIC CAFÉ and BROTHERS KEEPER plus some of Thom's favorite lesser-known titles that he hopes will discover new audiences via DocClub. These include Agnes Varda's THE GLEANERS AND I, the long unavailable CUL DE SAC, CAT DANCERS and DISCO & ATOMIC WAR.

About Thom Powers

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6 Things You Need To Know About Ed Burns’ THE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMASDecember 10, 2012

6 Things You Need To Know About Ed Burns’ THE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS

Tribeca Film

With The Fitzgerald Family Christmas, Burns returns to the working-class, Irish-American roots of The Brothers McMullen. Reuniting with McMullen co-stars Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), and Mike McGlone, along with Noah Emmerich (Little Children, Beautiful Girls) and Kerry Bishé (Newlyweds, Red State), Burns seamlessly weaves an ensemble story of adult siblings dealing with the desire of their estranged father (Ed Lauter, The Artist, The Longest Yard) to return home for Christmas for the first time since he walked out on his family 20 years ago. Family rifts emerge, and like with any family, Christmas brings a mixed bag of complicated emotions and dynamics. Alliances form, old wounds are reopened or glossed over, and the possibility for a new hope and forgiveness emerges.


Listen to Ed Burns on Filmwax (presented by On Demand Weekly)

6 Things You Need To Know About Ed Burns' THE FITZGERALD FAMILY CHRISTMAS


1. Anita Gillette, who portrays matriarch Rosie Fitzgerald is one of film’s most dependable moms, having played mother to Jennifer Aniston, Mary-Louise Parker, Jack Black, and John Goodman.
2. Writer/director/star Ed Burns’ first time acting for a director other than himself was when he appeared in Steven Spielberg’s SAVING PRIVATE RYAN.
3. Ed Lauter, who plays Big Jim Fitzgerald is the only actor other than Burt Reynolds to appear in both the original LONGEST YARD and the remake.


Ed Lauter and Mike McGlone


4. In addition to doing a spot-on Rod Serling impression in the GEICO commercials, Michael McGlone, who plays Fitzgerald brother Quinn, is the author of three novels.
5. Joyce Van Patten, who plays family friend Mrs. McGowan, is not only a member of the Van Patten acting dynasty, she is the mother of MAD MEN co-star Talia Balsam.
6. Kerry Bishé, who has been in Burn’s last 3 movies (NICE GUY JOHNNY, NEWLWEDS & TFFC) can currently be seen in ARGO.


Kerry Bishé and Noah Emmerich


See the latest Independent Movie On Demand (IMOD) Trailers here...


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Todd Louiso’s HELLO I MUST BE GOING, starring Christopher Abbott from GirlsJanuary 20, 2013

Todd Louiso’s HELLO I MUST BE GOING, starring Christopher Abbott from Girls

Oscilloscope Labs

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: HELLO I MUST BE GOING (Oscilloscope Labs).


See the latest Independent Movie On Demand (IMOD) Trailers here...


By Amy Slotnick


Sundance selection HELLO I MUST BE GOING (Directed by Todd Louiso) stars Melanie Lynskey as Amy, a thirty-something depressed woman who has retreated to her parents home in the wake of a recent divorce. After several months of not leaving the house and wearing sweatpants her parents (Blythe Danner and John Rubenstein) are urging her to shape up. While her dad is understanding and compassionate, Mom (Blythe Danner) is critical and derisive.


At her father’s urging, Amy pulls it together to attend a dinner with his client, a wealthy businessman who brings along his wife and 19-year-old son, Jeremy (played by Christopher Abbott, familiar from HBO series, GIRLS). Amy can barely make small talk with this group, but for some reason Jeremy feels an urgent chemistry and he seduces her once they are left alone. Amy knows she cannot fall in love with a 19-year-old, but she does enjoy their secret affair. He gives her a reason to leave the house, but her melancholy persists until she confronts her ex-husband (Dan Futterman) to let him know she has moved on.


Christopher Abbot is handsome and sexy as the young lover, and because of this, he keeps the film from falling into Lynskey’s despair. While Lynskey’s character is persistently gloomy, it is nice to see her in a leading role after many supporting parts in UP IN THE AIR, THE INFORMANT, and PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER. 

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Michael Cera’s CRYSTAL FAIRY - Now On DemandJuly 21, 2013

Michael Cera’s CRYSTAL FAIRY - Now On Demand

IFC Films


On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand and from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: CRYSTAL FAIRY (IFC Films).


See the latest Independent Movie On Demand (IMOD) Trailers here...



 By Sky McCarthy


Full disclosure. I adore Michael Cera. I am very partial to his past performances as the adorably awkward teen in movies like JUNO and NICK AND NORA’S INFINITE PLAYLIST (not to mention the always loveable George Michael Bluth on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT). He has been criticized in recent years for failing to break this mold – and few tries have resulted in any type of major success. With CRYSTAL FAIRY, Cera plays an entirely different role, a drug-obsessed, narcissistic ex-pat. And, surprisingly, he is every bit as endearing as the roles for which is he most commonly known.

Jamie (Cera) lives a semi-nomadic life in Chile. But unlike the usual party hopping ex-pat, Jamie takes everything about his life very seriously. He is meticulous about the quality of cocaine he snorts and frequently judgmental of other party goers that are “too out there.” One night he meets Crystal Fairy (Gaby Hoffman), a free-spirited hippie who believes in the healing powers of stones and pebbles. Despite finding her very strange, Jamie, in his elevated state, invites her on a road trip with three of his friends - Chilean brothers Champa, Lel and Pilo.

This trip, of course, has no ordinary purpose. The boys plan to locate a cactus known as San Pedro, that can be ingested for its mythical hallucinogenic properties. During the trip, Jamie continues to demonstrate his anal-retentiveness. But Cera’s display of agitation is more akin to a young, high-strung I-Banker struggling to close a deal than a coked-out American trying desperately to find himself. Crystal Fairy complements all of this agitated behavior with a natural serenity, but she never criticizes those around her. Hoffman plays Crystal with a unique charm, uncharacteristic of most know-it-all practitioners of new-age rituals. The brothers begin to find her amusing and even defend some of her practices- further annoying and infuriating Jamie. Once the plant is located, the small crew heads to the beach. It then becomes apparent that this film will not really have a plot. But that is entirely ok. 

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