Slacker, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Goldman Sachs: SnagFilms Isn’t Just Docs AnymoreOctober 17, 2011

Slacker, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Goldman Sachs: SnagFilms Isn’t Just Docs Anymore



Slacker, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and Goldman Sachs: SnagFilms Isn’t Just Docs Anymore
SnagFilms expands to offer scripted independent films to a wider array of platforms, mobile networks and its own ad-supported website that includes long form ads from Goldman Sachs.

- By Britt Bensen

launched in 2008 with a site offering fans of independent films free online streaming of nonfiction films, and a distribution network of over 110,000 websites and web pages. The film platform recently announced deals to expand its programming from documentaries to include fictional independent feature films and to make them available to more paid and ad-supported distribution partners.


Some of the new titles include DON’T ASK DON’T TELL, DRAGONSLAYER SPLINTERS and CONFESSIONS OF AN ECO-TERRORIST In addition, SnagFilms will offer digital release (initially for paid viewing) of fictional films such as TOO YOUNG TO DIE, WOMEN TALKING DIRTY, P.U.N.K.S. and TEKNOLUST. Their library is over 2750 films with 400 fictional (narrative) films (correction).


SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen


“Big studio blockbusters are available everywhere – why shouldn’t great independent films be just as ubiquitous?” asked SnagFilms CEO Rick Allen. “With our dramatic expansion of distribution channels and the enhanced website, SnagFilms can now also offer enthralling independent fictional films across free and paid platforms, from computers to TVs, tablets, game consoles, and smart phones.”


In addition to their current distribution partners (transactional: Xfinity, FiOS, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu Plus and YouTube Movies and ad supported: AOL, Yahoo, Starbucks Digital Network, to name a few), SnagFilms announced deals for their free-streamed movie distribution expands from iOS to Android And BlackBerry Mobile Platforms and their Pay-on-Demand titles have expanded to DIRECTV, Vudu, and Xbox LIVE.


“We began three years ago with a simple premise,” noted SnagFilms founder and chairman Ted Leonsis, “that new technologies could liberate audiences to enjoy great films that, because of a bottleneck in traditional film distribution, they might not ever get to see. With these remarkable enhancements to and the new distribution partnerships we’ve announced today, SnagFilms becomes a ubiquitous platform that will benefit consumers, filmmakers and communities.”



So current partners get access to a growing library and new partners can now offer SnagFilms titles to their consumers. Content on is available for free streaming online. Films are not in the pay and ad-supported windows simultaneously with commercially appealing films being made available transactionally on demand first.


And for the truly undiscovered gems out there, there is SnagFAST, an online submissions process for vetted film festival films to be considered by SnagFilms. Allen confirmed fifty (50) films have been accepted to date.


Adding to the diverse slate of programming is SnagFilms advertising partner, the notorious Goldman Sachs.

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