Coming of Age Teen Sex Comedy or Sci-Fi Horror Film?  It’s Your Guess…April 18, 2011

Coming of Age Teen Sex Comedy or Sci-Fi Horror Film?  It’s Your Guess…

Sundance Selects

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: KABOOM (Sundance Selects).


A Tuscan backdrop to a puzzle, a mystery, a moment in time…
By Cynthia Kane
KABOOM is a film that’s so absurd, so over the top; the storyline defies all imagination, plus Director Gregg Araki has cast nothing but gorgeous youngsters and a couple gorgeous not-so-young folk, too. KABOOM exists entirely for the moment, in the moment.

Greg Araki
It’s the Kuchar Brothers mixed with John Waters mixed with early Gregg Araki…which means, it’s not for everyone, but it’s thoroughly entertaining. Just don’t think or look too hard for meaning. In the end, you’ll get it if you let yourself go for the ride.
The story: a college freshman, Smith (Thomas Dekker), who is sexually “undecided” arrives at a UCLA–like university with his best high school buddy, Stella (Haley Bennett) who just happens to be a lesbian. His roommate, Thor (Chris Zylka) is a hunky surfer-dude, dumb as a doorpost, who lusts for waves and girls. Their resident advisor is a druggy, older student called The Messiah (James Duvall). Or so it all seems…
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Movies On Demand - November Preview:  The IndiesNovember 02, 2011

Movies On Demand - November Preview:  The Indies
On Demand Weekly helps you browse through the New Movies On Demand (MOD) this month with our November Indies preview!
By Britt Bensen



The Movies On Demand MOD November Preview of The Indies has arrived. Highlights of the new release schedule for November, 2011 include SARAH’S KEY, ANOTHER EARTH and THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE. People who missed these highly-regarded titles can catch them on demand in November.

Almost every indie new release listed comes to Movies On Demand either before or the same day as DVD.

Enjoy On Demanding this month!

Indie Titles:

BELLFLOWER – Premieres November 1
R, Action
Evan Glodell, Jessie Wiseman

Weeks before DVD, Netflix and Redbox

SLEEPING BEAUTY – Premieres November 1
TV-MA, Drama
Emily Browning, Rachael Blake, Ewen Leslie

Before theatrical release

PG-13, Drama
Gianna Jun, Li Bingbing

Same day as DVD, Weeks before Netflix and Redbox

I MELT WITH YOU*** – Premieres November 4
R, Drama
Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven

Before theatrical release

ATLAS SHRUGGED: PART I – Premieres November 8
PG-13, Drama
Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler

Same day as DVD,
Weeks before Netflix and Redbox

PETE SMALLS IS DEAD – Premieres November 11
TV-MA, Comedy
Mark Boone Junior, Steve Buscemi, Seymour Cassell, Peter Dinklage, Rosie Perez, Tim Roth

Before theatrical release

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