Welcome To On Demand WeeklyAugust 21, 2009

Welcome To On Demand Weekly
Did you know you are part of 40 million strong and growing? There are over 40 million US households with Video On Demand (VOD) via cable and it’s projected to grow to over 60 million by 2011! That’s more than Netflix subscribers and Wii owners combined [CAN YOU THINK OF ANOTHER HOME ENTERTAINMENT OPTION?]. This makes VOD one of the fastest growing home entertainment options and nobody is talking about it. Until now…
On Demand Weekly (ODW) is the first and only online publication dedicated to the rising VOD consumer market. There were over 3 billion VOD orders in 2008. They consisted of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Kids Programming, Music Videos and so much more. But with so many VOD programming options available to the digital cable subscriber, the messaging and choices can be confusing. ODW is here to simplify and promote VOD with the following features:
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3D Is Coming To VODAugust 21, 2009

3D Is Coming To VOD

Disney Images

What do Miley Cyrus, the Jonas Brothers and a Horror film have in common? Are they going to star as unwitting prey in a horror film? No, but I’ll reserve judgment on whether they should or not for now. Their films are breaking ground for 3D video-on-demand (VOD) to the home via Comcast.
  • Last August, Comcast tested the 3D format with Hannah Montana: The Best of Both Worlds.
  • Lionsgate’s My Bloody Valentine was offered to subscribers in July
  • Disney returns with Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience [date tbd].
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Hot Hot HotSeptember 03, 2009

Hot Hot Hot


The Video on Demand (VOD) category continues to expand. In July 2009 alone, there were more than 655 Million transactions.* An increase over June 2009 of 11%. If you’re watching VOD, you’re part of a fast-growing trend. The Free offerings continue to lead the VOD growth:
Rentrak Corporation, the media measurement company, reported that the number of Total Free On Demand transactions soared to a record 476 million in July. (Rentrak Corporation}
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INSIDE PREMIUM: Bored to DeathSeptember 14, 2009

INSIDE PREMIUM: Bored to Death


INSIDE PREMIUM will keep you up-to-date on the Premieres, Finales, and everything in between that is available at your choosing on Premium VOD. This Week
  • Bored to Death Premiere
  • Nurse Jackie Sneak Peek
  • Doubt Sneak Peek…

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SAME DAY AS THEATRESSeptember 16, 2009


Sundance Channel

VOD not only offers PPV Movies that screened in theaters months ago, but they have partnered with cutting edge, independent film distributors to bring you films the SAME DAY AS THEATRES. Whether you want to see films made outside the Hollywood system or future stars in breakout performances, see the latest from the film festival circuit in the comfort of your own home.

Premiering This Week: September 14 – 20, 2009


UNMADE BEDS (93 min)

Young, attractive and misguided youth from all over Europe descend to a squatters apartment in London in this stylish and sexy film. Be the first on your block to say you saw captivating young actors Deborah Francois and Fernando Tielve, before they become well known. (Rated R) $6.99. Available until 11/17/2009

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Who’s Down With VOD?November 03, 2009

Who’s Down With VOD?

Who's Down With VOD

                                                                                                                                                                                  The Wrap (11/03/10)

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On Demand News & LinksNovember 09, 2009

On Demand News & Links

IFC Films

ODW rounds up stories affecting the VOD Industry.


Comcast boasts new releases on-demand, same day as DVD

Comcast announced ten blockbuster movies available this month on-demand, day-and-date with the Blu-ray and DVD releases. Some titles available simultaneously with disc releases include The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3,  Brüno, and Angels & Demons, and all available in both standard and high-definition quality... (HD Report)

Why VOD is turning into a profitable avenue for indie filmmakers

VOD is certainly here to stay and growing at 20 percent annually, according to recent industry estimates, which has prompted more and more distribution companies, from the biggest studios to the smallest indies, to stake their future on it... (Filmmaker Magazine)

Success stories for video-on-demand

Low-budget supernatural thriller "Dark Mirror" premiered at the New York Latino Film Fest in 2007. Since then, it hasn't played in a single U.S. theater, but it's become the top-selling title in IFC's video-on-demand library, racking up an estimated 110,000-120,000 buys... (Variety)

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On Demand News & LinksNovember 16, 2009

On Demand News & Links


ODW rounds up stories affecting the VOD Industry.


Cox Time-Shifts NBC In High-Def

Cox Communications has added six of NBC's primetime shows in high-definition to its MyPrimetime VOD service, which provides on-demand access to TV programs starting the day after they air... (MultiChannel News)

November has more day-and-date releases than ever before

The month of November will see more films debut on video-on-demand the same day as DVD than ever before, and for anyone who has cable or satellite or just happens to catch a DVD commercial, the message will be hard to ignore... (Video Business)


The DVR vs Internet Video

The full feature DVR is the killer of all boxes designed to integrate internet video into traditional TV viewing...  (Mark Cuban)

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On Demand News & LinksNovember 23, 2009

On Demand News & Links

Miramax Films

ODW rounds up stories affecting the VOD Industry.

From the arthouse to your house

…thanks to video on demand (VOD), cable TV subscribers now can watch some of the latest indie films from the comfort of their own couch. (Star Tribune)


The undignified near-death of Miramax

…companies like Magnolia, Sony Pictures Classics, IFC and Zeitgeist, who focus on marketing quality films to niche audiences, are now in a stronger position. (Salon)


Comcast Spotlight's "Video Circulars On Demand" Converts Retailers' Print Advertising into VOD Assets

Comcast's advertising sales arm, Comcast Spotlight, on Wednesday announced a new service, called Video Circulars On Demand, which takes retailers' print advertising materials--including weekly newspaper inserts ("circulars"), display ads and catalogs--and converts them into on-demand video slideshows. (iTVt)

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bluemark films

On Demand Weekly (ODW) continues our Filmmaker Spotlight series focusing on filmmakers distributing their film via Video On Demand (VOD). I recently spoke with Chris Smith (AMERICAN MOVIE), the director of COLLAPSE, FilmBuff (On Demand)’s new documentary (available on VOD December 6th).

ODW was interested in the making of the film and his perspective on VOD as an entertainment option.


On Demand Weekly: Your film opens with a card stating you met the subject for COLLAPSE, Michael Ruppert, for another project. How soon after meeting him did you know you had the makings of a documentary around Ruppert and did you have to convince him to do the film?
Chris Smith:
It was about two or three weeks after our initial meeting that we wrote to Michael pitching him this idea.  He was pretty much onboard once he read the treatment.

ODW: There are lots of people with strong points of view on the film's main topic. Why Michael Ruppert?

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On Demand News & LinksDecember 07, 2009

On Demand News & Links

Warner Brothers

ODW rounds up stories affecting the VOD Industry.

Thanksgiving weekend had highest transactions in history

By far the biggest VOD rental boost came Thanksgiving weekend, when Four Christmases, Angels & Demons, G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs all debuted on VOD. “Thanksgiving week was our single highest week ever for transactional movies and VOD,” Comcast senior VP and general manager of video and entertainment services Derek Harrar said.…(Video Business)


Pushing VOD to the Edge

Comcast's Project Infinity, for example, is aiming to vastly scale up the amount of video on demand to someday deliver 100,000 or more choices, at least five times what the operator currently offers....(MultiChannel News)


Web-TV Divide Is Back in Focus With NBC Sale

“Hollywood needs a toll collector,” said Todd Dagres of the venture capital firm Spark Capital, and “Comcast can play the part because online video will erode traditional cable.”:..(New York Times)

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On Demand News & Links - 12/14December 15, 2009

On Demand News & Links - 12/14


ODW rounds up stories affecting the VOD Industry.


Nielsen: Top 10 "Timeshifted" Primetime TV Programs Rank Programs

1 Battlestar Galactica  SYFY 59.4
2 Mad Men AMC 57.7
3 Damages FX 56.3…

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VOD Spotlight:  John SlossJanuary 12, 2010

VOD Spotlight:  John Sloss


John Sloss is the founder of Cinetic Media and Cinetic Rights Management, which launched the Cable On Demand channel, FilmBuff in 2009. On Demand Weekly interviewed Sloss regarding his first foray into Video On Demand and what he hopes FilmBuff will accomplish.
On Demand Weekly: You've had a notable career in helping independent films find their way to the big screen with other film distributors. What prompted you to create FilmBuff?
John Sloss: TV is the greatest impulse medium and I believe Cable VOD (Video On Demand) is a sleeping giant. With the crisis in the independent distribution market, I saw that even though distribution was challenged, VOD offers filmmakers a way to make real money. And, for audiences, the whole idea behind FilmBuff is to offer exclusive film selections culled from the very best new releases, festival winners and box-office sensations..
ODW: What makes for a successful VOD release?
JS:  Two things: what the content is and what you do with it. The content has to be high-quality, relevant programming. Relevant is a big deal for us. Since VOD is such a time-sensitive medium, that is films are only up for 90-120 days, we take seriously the goal of curating great content that is appropriate for that time period.
For example, Boondock Saints 2 is coming into the VOD window; we programmed the original film to appear alongside it. Another example is day-and-date films where the VOD window has attention drawn to it by the simultaneous theatrical release. Then, once you have the content, it comes down to what you do with it. We have a highly specialized internal marketing team who focuses solely on driving awareness for each of our VOD releases.
ODW: What was your most successful VOD release in 2009?
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INGLORIOUS BASTARDS - On DemandJanuary 13, 2010



On Demand Weekly reviews films from the perspective of watching it On Demand in your home. This week, "The Inglorious Bastards."
Related only to Quentin Tarantino's 2009 film by title and period, 1978's "The Inglorious Bastards" directed by Enzo G. Castellari is (especially now) the flagship of the Euro War films genre -- aka "Macaroni War," "Macaroni Combat" -- mainly late 60's-70's knockoffs of American WWII films produced/directed by Italian filmmakers, patterned after the paradigm of "Spaghetti Westerns" from the mid-60's. Get it? Spaghetti Western? Macaroni Combat? (That's a spicy meatball!).
Unlike Leone's masterwork "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly," "The Inglorious Bastards," (a follow up to "The Dirty Dozen") is strictly a B-movie. It's cheaply shot, dubbed, anachronistic, packed with stock sound effects and has many unintentionally funny moments. But the film is entertaining and has value in its genre. Watching this film gives you bragging rights to seeing the "original" that inspired Mr. Tarantino and its place in the connected fabric of film history makes it a blast to have under your belt (the way many of us enjoyed delving into Hong Kong cinema after seeing "Reservoir Dogs.")
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On Demand News & Links - 1/21January 21, 2010

On Demand News & Links - 1/21


On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry.

Netflix Bends To Warner Bros., Won't Rent DVDs For 28 Days After They Go On Sale
This will please the movie industry: Netflix has agreed to a 28-day window before it rents Warner Bros. DVDs and Blu-ray discs after they go on sale. The idea is that this will allow Warner Bros. to sell more discs, which is more lucrative than rentals.... (Silicon Alley Insider)


Think the Internet Will Replace Cable ? Read this first

Its going to be cheaper to have the big traditional cable distributors offer your content to viewers than it will be to reach a large audience on the net. Thats for a one time offering. If you plan on doing it more than once or on a regularly scheduled basic, there is no question its cheaper to do it this way. And the picture quality will be dramatically better… (Mark Cuban)


Thinking Outside the Box: Web TVs Skirt Cable Giants
In the meantime, they insist that cable-cutting is more urban myth than reality. "We see some interesting stuff out there, but right now people are watching more TV than ever; cable-cutting is largely on the fringe," said Alex Dudley, spokesman for Time Warner Cable, the nation's No. 2 operator.....(Ad Age)

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T Tara On Demand - PilatesJanuary 25, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Pilates

T Tara Turk

My name is Tara and I’m a couch workout addict. I can admit it. I like to think of new exercises to do while watching endless “Law & Order” episodes. The boyfriend is mad because my exercise DVDs are breeding. I’m banned from buying anymore from Ebay or Collage. What’s a girl to do? I figure if I’m already paying for cable, I might as well browse through the stuff nobody knows they have: Video On Demand (VOD)! I used to think that it was just full of movies nobody heard of before but necessity has given me a new addiction! For free.
Which brings me to now.
If you’re like me, the holidays brought a wrath on your wallet and your ability to say “no” to the second, fourth and maybe sixth helping of leftovers, mall treats and last year’s Halloween candy that never goes away. It’s my goal to use this remote to shrink my thighs. Who’s with me?
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T Tara On Demand - BollywoodJanuary 26, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Bollywood

T Tara Turk

Back 2 BollywoodFitTV On Demand
I know “Slumdog Millionaire” is old news but I was watching Bollywood movies before even knew that song from the movie that never leaves your head. I’m convinced black people and Indians have some kind of rhythm connection. I mean they dance like Michael Jackson (RIP).
Back 2 Bollywood is not your average Fit TV mainstreamed out class. This is taught by a real woman in a sari with some women in saris behind her and some guys in tunics. Interesting that we are stretching first and then going into the dancing. I’m a stretch fiend so you don’t hear me complaining. I wish stretching burned calories.
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T Tara On Demand - Carmen Electra Vegas StripteaseJanuary 27, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Carmen Electra Vegas Striptease

T Tara Turk

Carmen Electra Vegas Striptease
Exercise TV On Demand
Who says exercise should be all ouch and trainer screams? Is it possible that stripteasing can make you burn some calories? With the popularity of striptease classes, I figured I might as well try it for free in the privacy of my own home. Carmen Electra is infamous for many things but I’m not sure her DVDs are among them.
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T Tara On Demand - Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader’s Boot CampJanuary 28, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader’s Boot Camp

T Tara Turk

Dallas Cowboy Chearleader's Bootcamp
Exercise TV On Demand
Here’s a secret I’ll share that you can’t tell. I really like watching the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader reality show. When I was six, I told people I wanted to be a doctor and a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. Thank god I forgot about that when it came time to apply to college. The show has become my substitute and it’s shown me I could NEVER care about cheers the way these girls do.
This VOD workout though is KILLER.
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On Demand News & Links - 2/3February 03, 2010

On Demand News & Links - 2/3

Linda R. Chen/Miramax Films

On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry.Industry.

Talking About a Revolution (for a Digital Age)

This year’s Sundance was abuzz about entries that were available for rental on YouTube or through video on demand during the festival, as filmmakers try out new ways to make an impact. These small-screen efforts have met with skepticism even while reaping the expected publicity, because it’s unclear how they might affect a movie’s distribution chances post-festival.

Now, as the independent cinema nurses its Hollywood hangover, the future remains unclear even as one message is getting louder: It is time to blow the whole thing up..... (New York Times)

Sundance: Is video-on-demand the future of indie film? For titles like 'The Freebie' and 'Bass Ackwards,' yes
I can say that Bass Ackwards will be available in millions of homes in exactly four days, on Feb. 1, via cable VOD. It’s the kind of truly and redemptively quirky cinema that adventurous moviegoers will be grateful to see. And happy to demand… (EW)

Film Execs look at the state of Indie Distribution
“People go to the movies to get away from their daily lives. What is selling now is comfort food movies. We have had movies that did under $20,000 at the box office but did a million dollars in sales on VOD” – Eamonn Bowles, President, Magnolia Pictures ...  (The Global Film Village)

The Doctors Are In: Sundance Ponders New Distribution Solutions
Based on general information garnered among a variety of sources, it’s widely known that in some cases VOD can generate as many as 200,000 buys on the highest end for the sort of films released by companies in this sector... (Indiewire)

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