VOD MOMMAFebruary 04, 2010


Carey Reilly

Video On Demand (VOD) is so much more than movies and events. One of the most popular VOD categories is Kids.

Comic, actress, wife and mother, Carey Reilly, is a new contributor to On Demand Weekly. Her column VOD Momma will cover the amusing way Video On Demand impacts her busy home life. Let us know what you think and send any questions to Carey at mailbag@ondemandweekly.com
Hi, my name is Carey Reilly. I am a comic, wife and stay at home mother of two children. My daughter is four years old and my son is 21 months old. We live right outside NYC in New Jersey.
My house can at sometimes seem a little crazy. My husband thinks he¹s Dr. Doolittle and brings home any orphaned animal he can get his hands on.. So our house is like a mini-petting zoo.
I use my On Demand throughout the day as my lifeline. I am not ashamed to say it either. My kids watch more than 30 min of television a day. When I hear people say they don¹t even own a TV I think.. ³yeah, because you work full time.² I need the TV on just so I can distract the kids long enough to sweep the floor or make them their favorite toasted cheese!
So come along and join me on my On Demand rollercoaster...
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T Tara On Demand - Comfy CozyFebruary 09, 2010

T Tara On Demand - Comfy Cozy

Tara Turk

Sunny Anderson - Cooking for Real
Food Network On Demand

Comfy Cozy and not so costly?!?! Two chicken breasts to feed six people? (Leftovers people. Leftovers). Who is this Sunny Andersen from the Food Network On Demand? I'm shamed to say I only watch the "stars" of the faux kitchen.
Sunny Anderson seems to be a new kid on the butcher block.Heh heh. She is presenting me with her grandmother's pound cake with apples and nuts. I contemplate but decide not for me as it's ingredient heavy (think of this Grandma Cake as something you'd make to get a raise). Chicken casserole next!
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On Demand News & Links: 3/31March 31, 2010

On Demand News & Links: 3/31


On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry.

Cablevision Cooks Up Pillsbury VOD

Cablevision's Rainbow unit said it will soon give the Pillsbury Doughboy his own video-on-demand outlet. The branded channel for Pillsbury products will include some longer-form programming as well as other interactive TV features.... (Media Daily News)

'Watch to Win' Campaign to Encourage Use of VOD Platform
Avail-TVN, the largest digital media services company in North America, has announced details of its sixth national "Watch to Win" campaign.… (tmc.net)


Are Rental Consumers Warming to the Cable Company?
Total VOD growth was 63% in the fourth quarter of 2009 compared to the year before, and up 20% in the previous three quarters, according to data from DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group. Combined spending on VOD and electronic sellthrough was up 32% to $2.1 billion in 2009, according to DEG.Pictures ...(Home Media Magazine)

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Welcome Tribeca Film to VODApril 14, 2010

Welcome Tribeca Film to VOD

Tribeca Film

The Tribeca Film Festival is joining a group of elite film festivals (Sundance, SXSW) embracing the digital age by arranging for select films to be available on Video On Demand. Beginning next week on April 21, 15 films will be available via participating VOD partners. Learn more here.

To usher in this new opportunity for bringing Tribeca to your home, see this fun video, starring none other than Tribeca Film founder, Robert DeNiro. This is your chance to add a little bit of New York City to your life, wherever you live.



...and join Tribeca Film community at






Continue reading for Tribeca Film's press release

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On Demand Weekly's contributing writer Jon Shurkin concludes his three part series on what Cutting Edge On Demand has to offer to viewers. Let us know what your favorite Cutting Edge series @ mailbag@ondemandweekly.com.
One of the more surprising trends that have taken over Cable TV is the prevalence of paranormal TV shows. Since Ghost Hunters started up and promised everyone the possibility of just possibly seeing something scary, every basic cable channel has on any number of shows about things that go boom, bam, crash, and kablooie at night. Even Animal Planet has a spook show. 
If even basic cable isn’t even enough paranormal bang for your buck, check out Comcast On Demand’s CUTTING EDGE folder as it’s a place people can go to get their fill of ghosts and any other type of thingy Scully & Mulder chased around.
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METROPIA: Tribeca Film On DemandApril 27, 2010

METROPIA: Tribeca Film On Demand

Tribeca Film

The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival has begun in New York City. New this year is a selection of films available to watch the same day on VOD.
On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: Metropia.
Director Tarik Saleh began as a Swedish graffiti artist whose father was a stop-motion animator. He initially never wanted to be involved in animation (it’s an art for cloistered nutters) until he found a method of utilizing the popular effects software After Effects to develop a new animation technique. Once he found his method, he developed characters and a look that would be the foundation for Metropia. All he needed was financing…
Metropia tells the story of Roger, a worker cog in a future European dystopia (2024) where the varied countries have been linked by subway and the majority spend their lives underground. Roger works in a cubicle making calls and has a lifeless relationship with his girlfriend. One day he hears a voice in his head giving him commands and strangely decides to follow an attractive woman he recognizes from his shampoo bottle label. A few decisions later, Roger finds himself at the center of a bizarre corporate conspiracy including a central figurehead and the beginnings of a mind-reading industry determined to control people’s thoughts and actions (involving, predictably, Television - but unpredictably, shampoo).
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CLIMATE OF CHANGE - Tribeca Film On DemandApril 28, 2010

CLIMATE OF CHANGE - Tribeca Film On Demand

Tribeca Film

The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival has begun in New York City. New this year is a selection of films available to watch the same day on VOD.
On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: Climate of Change.
For those with Al Gore anxiety, fear not. Climate of Change is not a list of statistics, well, not all together at once. It is though, still a film about bold people with strong opinions and big hearts standing up and admirably doing what they feel is right. The twist is that we get these perspectives from places we don’t expect – and by that I mean not only from (most likely rich) white people. We are treated to a diverse set of cultures and environments that include Mumbai, New Guinea, Appalachia, West Virginia, London, with even a (too-brief) glimpse into the Arctic “Doomsday Vault.”
Directed with sumptuous beauty by BAFTA-winning director Brian Hill, Climate is glued together by a poetic script by Simon Armitage (the “millennium poet” for Britain in 2000) and narrated steadily (and at times repetitively) by Tilda Swinton.
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THE INFIDEL - Tribeca Film On VODApril 29, 2010

THE INFIDEL - Tribeca Film On VOD

Tribeca Film

The 2010 Tribeca Film Festival has begun in New York City. New this year is a selection of films available to watch the same day on VOD.
On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: The Infidel. (available on demand simultaneously with screenings at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival.)
You may have heard of The Infidel after it made waves in the UK because of its “culturally sensitive” subject matter. Have no fear, this is no heavy drama filled with loaded meaning. It’s a big, broad, bawdy comedy about a Muslim minicab driver living a typical life in East London who discovers after the death of his mother that he was adopted and was in fact born Jewish.
Yes Mahmud Nasir was first “Solly Shimshillewitz.” (all we need is a soul switch and I smell a Razzie award) This new information impacts his state of mind, his marriage and his son’s marriage-to-be as the fiancee’s family contains a radical Muslim cleric from Pakistan who will make the final judgement – meaning Mahmud is tasked with being the best Muslim he can be right when he discovers he might have to learn to be a Jew.
The film stars Omid Djalili, a popular British comic of Iranian descent who has been in everything from Gladiator to the NBC sitcom Whoopi. Supporting cast includes Richard Schiff (The West Wing) as a Jewish-American cab driver and flawed mentor along with the very attractive Archie Panjabi (Bend it Like Beckham) as Mahmud’s loving but increasingly suspicious wife. Matt Lucas, the genius chameleon from Little Britain also appears (all too briefly) as a hairless Rabbi.
The supporting cast performs well - though completely to type - so The Infidel falls on the shoulders of Djalili who carries it from beginning to end with his sympathetic, likeable presence and expressive charisma.
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VOD News & Links - 5/21May 21, 2010

VOD News & Links - 5/21


On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry.

Google TV: Everything You Need To Know

Many companies have tried this and failed. Google thinks this time is different because it is totally open. You can surf the web any which way you want. You can see videos from Netflix, Amazon, YouTube or cable all in one interface... (SF Chronicle)


Wall Street Loves Cable … Still

Merrill Lynch media analyst Jessica Reif Cohen was equally bullish on cable’s growth prospects, adding that the move by many MSOs to go all-digital could unlock additional bandwidth for video on demand, HD, additional ethnic programming and higherspeed data service.

“Going all digital has and will have a huge positive impact,” Reif Cohen said. “There is an $8 billion [video] rental market that should be cable’s.”…
(Multichannel News)


Filmmakers Tread Softly on Early Release to Cable

A little over a week ago, the movie business got its eagerly sought permission to activate technology to protect new releases from being copied if they were sold through video-on-demand systems before being issued on DVD

Now comes the hard part: finding a studio brave enough to risk war with theater owners by trying it...
.(New York Times)

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TV Dailies: A Milestone Performance in Television MeasurementMay 26, 2010

TV Dailies: A Milestone Performance in Television Measurement

Ipsos OTX MediaCT

Los Angeles, CA – For 250 consecutive weeks, TV Dailies has consistently delivered unique insights to aid underlying business decisions for the programming and marketing of television programs – a key milestone for the Ipsos OTX MediaCT syndicated tracker. Proving itself as one of the most valued television trackers in the industry, TV Dailies has expanded from 2 to over 30 client users in less than five years.

“In those 250 weeks, TV Dailies has provided the television and entertainment industry with a much sought after currency for measuring the market effectiveness of new and returning television programs and events,” says Bruce Friend, President, Ipsos OTX MediaCT. “Decision makers across every spectrum of the television business have come to depend on TV Dailies for making informed and strategic decisions about the future of television.”
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‘The Hangover’ Most-Watched VOD Film Of All TimeJune 16, 2010

‘The Hangover’ Most-Watched VOD Film Of All Time

On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry. Tell us what VOD news interests you @ mailbag@ondemandweekly.com.

'The Hangover' Most-Watched VOD Film Of All Time

Adult comedy film The Hangover is the most watched video on demand movie of all time, according to a report announced Wednesday by VOD content distributor Avail-TVN... (Multichannel News)


VOD Ads Growing, But Barriers Remain

And Andrea Pritchard, programming manager at Sunflower Broadband, noted that the on-demand viewer is an engaged viewer and perhaps more importantly, a smart viewer. And that should be a boon for advertisers…(Multichannel News)


VOD Key To ‘Nurturing' Cable Subscribers

Industry execs at B&C/Multichannel News event say free video-on-demand services are critical to value proposition of subscription TV...(Broadcasting & Cable)

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On Demand Options for Hard to Find Films - New York TimesAugust 04, 2010

On Demand Options for Hard to Find Films - New York Times

IFC Films

Congratulations to SnagFilms, Disney & the Smithsonian Channel. And New York Times, how about showing some love to our coverage of the On Demand industry??? - ODW


On-Demand Options for Hard-to-Find Films

Serious moviegoers may still see on-demand channels as a dumping ground for films that were in theaters six months ago or weren’t good enough to be in theaters at all. But as more and more “small,” serious films fight for screen time, a few distributors are starting to see on-demand television as a first option — which means that the quality of on-demand offerings is beginning to rise... (New York Times)


SnagFilms to Expand Library’s Reach to New Platforms

Documentary distribution outlet SnagFilms—the parent company of indieWIRE—will unveil later today an expansion of the platforms for its nonfiction titles that is timed to its second anniversary, as well as deals with a range of companies for more films. Snag will bring its library of 1,500-plus films to a suite of new sources beyond the original web platform upon which it was launched. New outlets will include the creation of VOD channels with cable network Comcast and Verizon FiOS TV… (IndieWIRE)



'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally' Makes Linear Debut Sept. 7, Flanked By On-Demand, Mobile Presentations

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally is set to make its Disney Channel debut on Sept. 7 at 7 p.m., the same day the program will be available for purchase on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

The 50-minute special, though, will benefit from a full-length preview on Disney Channel On Demand on Aug. 31...
(Multichannel News)


CBS, Comcast Sign 10-Year Contract to Carry TV Shows

The contract also provides Comcast customers with Showtime Networks, the new Smithsonian channel, expanded distribution of CBS College Sports and more on-demand access to CBS and Showtime online and on TV... (Bloomberg)


Previous On Demand & Links - ODW

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PILLARS OF THE EARTH - On DemandAugust 11, 2010



On Demand Weekly provides reviews of TV series hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: “Pillars of the Earth” on Starz On Demand.

King Henry has no male heir for the kingdom, and the Church doesn’t find a woman leader acceptable. Cue the treachery and unrest of monarchical succession! Is it the Tudors? No, it’s the pre-Tudors, “Pillars of the Earth”. Just say Ian McShane (“Deadwood”) and Rufus Sewell (“Dangerous Beauty”) and I’m there already. “Pillars of the Earth” has them, along with Donald Sutherland, Matthew McFadyen (“Little Dorrit”) and Allison Pill in this British throne-ology.

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Is 3DTV The Next Big Thing?August 25, 2010

Is 3DTV The Next Big Thing?

On Demand Weekly rounds up stories affecting the On Demand TV / VOD Industry. Let us know what you think and what On Demand stories are important to you here.

Cable Operators Weigh Tech Options for Delivering 3DTV

If 3DTV does become The Next Big Thing, then cable must be a part of it. The new TV capability would follow cable's historical lineage of delivering multichannel television, HDTV, on-demand, interactivity, and other innovations. However, the future of 3DTV on cable holds many challenges that go beyond the issues over 3DTV itself, including the big question of whether consumers are willing to wear special glasses while watching TV... (Heavy Reading Cable Industry Insider)

On Demand Weekly asked Craig Leddy (Heavy Reading Cable Industry Insider) a few follow up questions.

ODW: Aside from dedicated 3D channels, will VOD be the primary platform MSO's can offer 3D TV?
Craig Leddy:
VOD will be a primary platform for MSOs to offer 3DTV. For the near term, the big drivers for 3DTV will be movies and events that will work well in an on-demand delivery environment. Cable operators can use their VOD platforms to test their 3DTV delivery capabilities, determine the level of consumer demand, and build awareness of 3DTV around big-ticket movies, sports or other events.

ODW: What kind of time frame can cable subs expect this?
: Comcast already is offering 3DTV content on-demand and more cable companies are expected to jump in later this year. Nobody really knows whether 3DTV is truly The Next Big Thing or just a service with narrow niche appeal. So cable customers should let their provider know if they want 3DTV. - Craig Leddy, Heavy Reading Cable Industry Insider


 Entertainment Industry Struggles To Adapt As DVD Sales Decline 

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Cali Swag Debuts at #3 on Music Choice Video On Demand Charts                   (SoundWatch)August 30, 2010

Cali Swag Debuts at #3 on Music Choice Video On Demand Charts                           (SoundWatch)

Music Choice

On Demand Weekly presents SoundWatch, a new weekly column on the latest in music entertainment available on demand, one of the most popular VOD categories. New contributor, Sky McCarthy, will give readers an inside look at what's happening in music on demand.

Every Monday, SoundWatch will list the most watched music videos on demand as well as the week's new music videos from category leader, Music Choice On Demand (Music Choice, the multi-platform video and music network, delivers its music programming to millions of consumers nationwide through their televisions, online and mobile devices).

Up This Week in SoundWatch: Are Badass Music Videos Overcompensating for the Music? (read below)

What's Hot Now On Music Choice On Demand - Top 10 Music Videos (week ending 8/15/10)

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AMERICAN COWSLIP Provides a Val Kilmer Fix On DemandSeptember 10, 2010

AMERICAN COWSLIP Provides a Val Kilmer Fix On Demand

Gravitas Ventures

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: AMERICAN COWSLIP.
Email Carol

AMERICAN COWSLIP is subtitled “A Redneck Comedy” but not in the Jeff Foxworthy sense. Sure, you’ll get the ubiquitous car parked on the front lawn, but this is not a formulaic we’re-poor-and-unsophisticated-but-still-happy kind of movie.

Instead, AMERICAN COWSLIP attempts to answer the question, What would happen if Eric Stoltz and the dude who played Waingro in HEAT had a baby and that baby grew up to be a heroin addict, doted on by three grannies and shamelessly pursued by a 17-year old hottie? And what would happen if we put our heroin hero between two speeding meteors on a collision course: being evicted from his home into an agoraphobic nightmare or winning the “Garden of the Year” contest, thus saving his house, sanity and baggie of horse? Yes, what would happen indeed.

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CEMETERY JUNCTION is now available on VOD - See The Trailer HereSeptember 13, 2010

CEMETERY JUNCTION is now available on VOD - See The Trailer Here


Attention Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant fans, CEMETERY JUNCTION (FilmBuff) is now available on VOD until 10/31/2010. ODW's review will run Wednesday. See the trailer below...




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On Demand Weekly Launches a Free Email Newsletter For Our ReadersSeptember 14, 2010

On Demand Weekly Launches a Free Email Newsletter For Our Readers


10 New Writers To Contribute To The First and Only Consumer Website and Newsletter Dedicated to the Nearly 50 Million Home VOD Market

On Demand Weekly announced the launch of a free email newsletter to send the most topical Video On Demand news and editorial to subscribers on a daily basis. The email newsletter will officially begin on September 15. Readers can subscribe at www.ondemandweekly.com

On Demand Weekly will inform readers about the best of VOD with an entertaining and informative voice in the vein of other niche email newsletters such as the Comcast-owned Daily Candy. The independently owned and operated On Demand Weekly will follow the below daily editorial schedule:

  • Monday: Top 10 Movies On Demand and Music On Demand Lists;
  • Tuesday: The Week’s New Movie and New Music Video On Demand Releases;
  • Wednesday: Exclusive New Independent Movie On Demand Reviews;
  • Thursday: VOD Hidden Gems (Exclusive to Email Newsletter Subscribers);
  • Friday: Premium Picks - The Best VOD Programming from Premium Networks (HBO, SHO, Starz, etc.)


On Demand Weekly Email Newsletter


"A publication like On Demand Weekly is going to do a great service to the VOD industry," said Mark Cuban, Chairman and Co-Founder of HDNet. "It will be very beneficial to have a source in which readers can get the latest in VOD offerings, including information on our monthly Sneak Preview movies that are available on VOD before they are in theatres."

Writer/Director/Actor Ed Burns exclaimed On Demand Weekly is a "very cool site you should check out if you find yourself watching more and more movies on demand than in theaters," via Twitter @edward_burns.

"Nothing could be more welcome than a go to source to what's on demand for consumers.  Every day there are more choices and On Demand Weekly's email newsletter is just what consumers need," commented Ryan Werner, SVP Marketing & Publicity, IFC Films.

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AN AMERICAN SPORTS STORY…THE RIVALS - Smithsonian ChannelSeptember 14, 2010


Smithsonian Channel

On Demand Weekly provides new movie reviews of hot movies on demand from the POV of watching from the comfort of your home. Today’s review: AN AMERICAN SPORTS STORY...THE RIVALS.
Email John Werner

Watching AN AMERICAN SPORTS STORY...THE RIVALS, the new truth-trumps-fiction documentary making its premiere on The Smithsonian Channel, I couldn’t get Napoleon Dynamite’s forlorn Uncle Rico out of my head. It was nearly impossible for me not to superimpose Uncle Rico’s unabashed pining for his lost glory days onto some of the high school football stars of THE RIVALS. Their future would be his. No matter how hard I tried, I kept hearing Uncle Rico lament, “Ohhhh, man I wish I could go back in time. I'd take state.”

That doesn’t mean AN AMERICAN SPORTS STORY... THE RIVALS is a bad or goofy movie. In fact that’s where any similarities end. And if you haven’t seen NAPOLEON DYNAMITE,  “Gosh!!!!!”

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