VOD Spotlight On Parker Posey For THE LOVE GUIDEJune 15, 2012

VOD Spotlight On Parker Posey For THE LOVE GUIDE

Phase 4 Films

On Demand Weekly's Editor-in-Chief, Britt Bensen spoke with actress Parker Posey about her new movie, THE LOVE GUIDE  (Phase 4 films), now on demand.



On Demand Weekly (ODW): You’ve had so many iconic independent film roles (PARTY GIRL, HOUSE OF YES, BASQUIAT, WAITING FOR GUFFMAN). What are your feelings on being so closely associated with independent film?
Parker Posey (PP):
Independent film blossomed in the 90’s writers and directors were able to get financing to fund their vision. That was really exciting. I loved it. It wasn’t the star system. That changed in the ought’s.

There was a collection of artists and writers who could share their stories. There was a human element. Everyone worked with everyone else. They could be a part of something. It all changed. It became more of a business about making money. I think there will be a resurgence to grassroots (filmmaking).

THE LOVE GUIDE is almost like an experiment. Christy Scott Cashman wrote and financed it. I read it and thought ‘This could be fun.’

ODW: You play Angelica Lovecraft, the vegan, personal growth guru of THE LOVE GUIDE. How did you prepare for the role? Do you practice yoga and or meditation yourself?
I really like women who do yoga. This character takes it a little too far. She thinks she can disappear. She’s striving to do a handstand using no hands (laughs). She thinks she’s a time-traveler. There’s something fun playing a character like that.


Parker Posey / THE LOVE GUIDE (Phase 4 Films)

I am part of the yoga community here in New York. It’s a growing community of special people. I love and adore anyone who goes searching for a peace of mind, who might drop out of mainstream to follow a counter-culture.

ODW: Tell us about shooting a movie about the fictional show “Cut the Crap”?
: We had a lot of fun shooting. We shot it outside of Boston. It comes from a good place.


Parker Posey / THE LOVE GUIDE (Phase 4 Films)

ODW: There is a lot about chicken farming in the movie. What did you learn about chickens?
I got to hold a lot of chickens. There are so many different breeds. They’re sweet.

ODW: I have to ask, what comes first, the chicken or the egg?

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